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  1. Love it! This skin has my favorite option too - square corners!
  2. If you really want "hi-res" from your phone speaker just turn up the treble lol
  3. I would love to be able to hide artist pictures... They're nice sometimes but for the most part not worth downloading/looking at.
  4. Out tonight? Hell yeah! Thanks for your hard work!
  5. I know this is pedantic but the corners aren't as square as I'd like them to be. The Sample Black skin does it perfectly, but the alternative version of that skin doesn't have it
  6. Anyone have a dark theme with pro controls, text not covering the album art, and squared corners on album art? It's like the holy grail of Poweramp skins and I haven't found it yet :S
  7. I do that already, I just get a little lazy having ~500 different artists to scroll through. I think it's unfortunate that searching an artist's name doesn't fetch me their discography in chronological order like it did before the huge update. (I think what I'm wanting is the same as what you mentioned. I already have the album lists sorted by year, I just want to be able to get there by quickly typing the artist name into search)
  8. I would love the option to view an artist's albums sorted by year after doing a search. Having a lot of artists means I often search up a name to get to their stuff but at the moment it seems "all artist songs" is the only option.
  9. Dude, that design with the album art placed above the song title and artist is perfect. Is that a working skin I can download?
  10. Just bought it with Google Play Rewards money. Excited to check it out!
  11. From the player screen, tap the three dots over the album art, then tap 'Album' Edit: You can actually just tap the album art.
  12. Thank you for your hard work. @maxmp
  13. It's weird... I don't spend hours staring at the album art but for the little bit that I do I would *love* it if I could actually see the entire artwork. Someone suggested having the text fade after a couple seconds and I think that would work wonders if there's no other location for the text.
  14. Thank you so much! The beloved artists list is back in action! Did you hide an option somewhere to move album/song/artist text off the album art? That's my only gripe I can think of
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