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  1. I don't know who is trolling and who not, but the time you need to implement a new feature is often much less than the time you need to fix all the bugs. In more complex software the later can be 10 times or more compared to the time you need to implement the feature. So it's nothing new that a programmer is a little to optimistic when he publishes a release date. Just wait and enjoy some good songs with the great v2 or the 709.
  2. Hi, I have no sound when playing songs if I choose one of the following dither algorithms: - F-weighted noise shaping - Modified-e-weighted noise shaping - Improved-e-weighted noise shaping - Shibata noise shaping - Low shibata noise shaping I'm using a Sony Z3, SoX Resampler and stock Rom with Android 6.0.1
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