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  1. Hi Max, Nokia 8 Stock ROM Android 8.1 Snapdragon 835 Apologies if anyone else requested for this device Thanks in advance! PS Hi res already kinda works for this device in latest alpha releases (704-709), it is available as Hi res Experimental for Bluetooth and Wired, but the volume is too low for high res sample rates... audio_output_policy.conf audio_policy_configuration.xml audio_policy_configuration(1).xml audio_policy.conf
  2. Hi dev thanks for all your work, it's brilliant. Just to report that on Nokia 8, stock oreo 8.1 with April patch, OpenSL HD is missing and also Hi-res works but the sound is very quiet, for both aux and BT, all combinations of frequencies checked, also with disabled absolute volume. Thanks again, looking forward to the v3 stable
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