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  1. Also, I forgot to mention that auto-pausing the music or even auto closing the app when removing from the car dock would be good to have. I just thought these two options would be implicit with the auto start / resume music. Thanks
  2. I'll go for the Windows 8 version too... But if you guys are going to make a PC version of Poweramp, it would be obvious that an all windows version will be what everyone would like to see. I have been a WinAmp enthusiast since 1997, and today I still use it in my PC even though there are other maybe better programs out there, when I got my Android, I too went straight to Winamp and bought it... but since I got the change to tryout Poweramp... I had to change my mind completely. I really like it and if I had a Windows version, then I could finally say good-bye to Winamp. Looking forward for the PC version of Poweramp!!!
  3. Hello all, I am a happy owner of a Motorola Atrix ME860 and a true enthusiast of Poweramp. I have been using the official Car Dock for a few weeks, and there is one thing I miss from the player, and it's the possibility to resume music when connected to the car dock. I know there is the option to resume the music when connecting an audio jack or when connecting to bluetooth. But the Motorola Atrix Car Dock only has a Micro USB connector which automatically launches the Cardock app. Even though it can be configured to have the different apps on the main screen, having to open Poweramp manually and pressing play afterwards is too much for me (I'm a lazy person). Could it be possible to include an option to AUTO Resume or Auto Play when inserting into the Car dock?? This option would be fantastic! Thank you
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