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  1. Nice update. Sadly, the notification bug is still there. Screen_Recording_20210718-154001_Poweramp.mp4
  2. Hey maxmp. The automatic downloads are disabled; I will send you the backup of my settings. 11-07-2021-13-30.poweramp-settings
  3. Hey there. I have noticed a bug, since I got the One UI3.1 (Android 11) update on my phone, that sometimes the notification shade uses the same album cover for 2 songs that changes automatically, I need to repeat the song, via notification bar, to make it show the correct cover. Is this a known bug? Is it already fixed? It's kinda jarring. In the screenshot, the cover is wrong, I need to repeat the song or close the notification and replay the song to show the correct cover.
  4. I am unrooted but can I nevertheless capture a log? If so, how?
  5. Hello, I have an LG G5 (unrooted) and since build 807 the Hi-Res Output is not working and constantly throwing output errors and thus playing using OpenSL output, whereas it was perfectly working in the older builds (805 for example and it works perfectly). Am on Nougat 7.0, is there any fix?
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