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  1. Fantastic and detailed answer, thanks @andrewilley!!
  2. Dear all, I have just received a USB DAC (Hidizs Sonata) which works like a charm with Poweramp (mobile: Honor View 10), Poweramp detects and identifies correctly the DAC. But I have a couple of questions. Sorry if these have been already answered but didn't find anything. -in OpenSL ES Hi-Res output, the sample rate says "actual sample rate is defined by the device", but if I play a 24/96kHz file, it won't automatically switch to 96kHz unless manually selected. Usually it will say "Using: 48kHz". Is this a bug, expected behaviour or just my phone? -when I use the USB DAC, the phone disables the Vibration mode and enables the sound, and for some reason the media volume will be treated as ringtone instead. Meaning that notifications will sound at the same volume as the music... don't have to tell you how annoying that can be. Is there any way to change that? Thanks in advance!
  3. This is happening to me as well on build 814, I was checking this thread before installing 816 to see if this was fixed...
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