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  1. May be there is a good reason that I miss here but I cannot conceive the benefits of jumping albums a lot like that. How do you organize your albums so that you need to jump from album to album frequently like that? And because each time you start by track 1, what is the reason that you prefer Track 1 more than any other track in the album? Navigating albums the way you do, I wonder if you ever listen to the 2nd half of most of your albums.
  2. On reason I could think of for these Next/Prev Album buttons to be useful is: - When finishing playing the last track of the Album, the player either loop to the 1st track or stops at the end. This button allow to continue playing on another album. And easy workaround would be to allow the playing order to continue to next album when the last track of the previous album is finished. - People having a messy tagged library which have a lots of "one track per album". In that case, jumping to new album is equivalent to jumping to new track. I hope that this album buttons are not designed for this purpose because this sounds weird.
  3. Hi, Using Poweramp 2.06.508 on Galaxy Nexus, Standard Goggle Rom JB 4.11 Question: is it possible to prefix each track title with the ordinal index position? For example, the 25th track in the album will be displayed as "25. My Cool TrackName" Speaking of album listing, I would like to know if the following behavior is intentional. Currently the album listing display each track as a two lines info: Line1: Track Title - Duration Line2: Artist - Album Name When reviewing the content of the album, the name of the album is permanently displayed on the top of the screen. It is rather redundant to repeat the album name at every track. May be this layout is designed for other type of listing / playlist where Album info is useful. But for an album listing, this info is rather redundant.
  4. Hi, Using Poweramp 2.06.508 on Galaxy Nexus, Standard Goggle Rom JB 4.11 Poweramp is indeed a very flexible music player. I like very much the configuration options. However, the Album Jump buttons are unusual. I wonder what is the practical purpose of these buttons. For me, this is a serious inconvenience which makes the product almost unusable. The "Jump Album" buttons don't have a symetrical behavior. i.e if I hit one by accident, hitting the opposite button doesn't bring back to the playing position before the mistake. Example: Playing track 32/50 of Album1. I accidentally hit the Next album button (PA plays track 1/n of Album2). Then I hit the Previous Album to undo the mistake. PA starts playing track 1/50 of Album1. Of course I want to continue where I was before the mistake. The only way I find so far is to review the content of Album1, then navigate slowly in the listing and try to remember where I was. This takes a while. Granted. I am probably the kind of rare users who never jump album to album frenetically. However I do navigate to albums. For that, I just go back to the album view. Of course, this requires more button hit than a single button hit. But at least, this allows to jump to any album instead of Preview / Next. Additionally this allows to review the album content and even to select any track inside the album rather than always Track #1. A touch interface is less precise than dedicated players with physical buttons. As such, touch mistake is quite frequent. I can get away with most of the touch mistakes. But a mistake on the Album Jump button is quite time consuming to fix that actually I prefer to stop evaluating Poweramp. Pleasee allow the option to remove these two Album Jump buttons and you'll find me as a customer. Better yet, these buttons would be better to be replaced by fast forward/backward (within the same playing track) BTW, you may wonder why this is such a big deal. I listen to audiobooks. Each album is a different book. Jumping from book to book by accident and losing track of the chapter you were listining is very annoying. Thanks in advance for your attention.
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