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  1. On 6/16/2018 at 1:18 PM, maxmp said:

    Hi-Res (via Open SL HD) works fine on any capable Samsung @ 8.0, S7E included.
    (I should probably rename Open SL HD to Open SL Hi-Res :))))

    But there was on Android 7 some samsung "experimental" sound source and it was the 4th option (it has the best quality), and when I've updated to android 8, it became only 3 sound sources.

  2. Great job! But i have some issues:

    -  Black theme don't work as black, maked screenshots.

    - when tap on the back button, it's close the player. It works, but please add function of double tapping to exit. It will be more comfortable if, for example, I want to go back to main screen of the player by tapping back button, after making settings of equalizer.

    Thank you, you've made a great job! Finally my phone make a great sound on android 7 as was on android 6. And there will be update to android 8 on s7 edge. Hope it will sound as great as now. I use hi-res(experimetal). If i could help somehow in testing, i will help. Waiting for the next beta and final update.



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