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  1. On s7 edge android 8 sound now sucks... its always microstops on volume changing and now there are very bad sound quality when switching to 32bit... after reinstalling Poweramp and wipe of android... no effect... on android 7 was very cool sound... maybe there is no android 8 support for s7 edge in programm..
  2. But there was on Android 7 some samsung "experimental" sound source and it was the 4th option (it has the best quality), and when I've updated to android 8, it became only 3 sound sources.
  3. Please, add hi-res audio on s7 edge in android 8. It was the 4th option to choose on android 7. It has the best sound quality.
  4. Great job! But i have some issues: - Black theme don't work as black, maked screenshots. - when tap on the back button, it's close the player. It works, but please add function of double tapping to exit. It will be more comfortable if, for example, I want to go back to main screen of the player by tapping back button, after making settings of equalizer. Thank you, you've made a great job! Finally my phone make a great sound on android 7 as was on android 6. And there will be update to android 8 on s7 edge. Hope it will sound as great as now. I use hi-res(experimetal). If i coul
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