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  1. @maxmpwhen i connected my tws to Poweramp equalizer it's become distortion with DVC enabled. However when using Poweramp player everything sounds good. I'm already disable absolute volume in dev option btw.
  2. Hi , I'm currently using Samsung phone, before installing Poweramp eq the dolby atmos and other inbuilt eq is working fine, but after installing Poweramp eq..all the inbuilt equalizer doesn't has effect anymore. Then after uninstalling the Poweramp eq the dolby and other effect still not working. There are some other Samsung user face this kind problem. So I just want to know if the Poweramp eq has bugs with galaxy phone, thanks.
  3. Hello guys, I'm sorry, but can this eq work with wavelet eq together? When I'm installed wavelet eq during playing Spotify.. Poweramp eq active n sound together with the wavelet eq. But then I'm give DUMP permission for wavelet eq, and resume playback but Poweramp eq effect stop working. Sorry for my bad English and hope somebody can help me. Thanks.
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