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  1. I'm having a problem with the queue function... I have playlists that are on constant shuffle and they're rather large. When I queue songs that I want to hear, the queue plays after the current song I was listening to (that's the option I have checked) but when it returns to the list, the song count is now 1/xxx rather than, say, 57/xxx, or the song count when I entered the queue. I have these lists big so that I don't hear the same song again for a while and this is throwing a wrench into things. I'm running version 2.0.10-build-580-play (Full Version) on a Galaxy S4 running Android 5.0.1.
  2. I disabled the swiping long ago as it messed me up more than those little buttons. I'll see if I can't find a skin that doesn't include these. Will the skin affect the lock screen as well?
  3. Would it be possible to add "by last played" option to the sort options for playlists? If I'm shuffling a playlist and a song plays that I want to remove from the list, when I push the "next track" button and then press the "show list" button it would be nice to see the track that I want to remove above the one that's currently playing. Currently I have to use the filter feature to find it, which isn't the end of the world but not exactly the most convenient.
  4. I'd like to add my support for this improvement. I don't see why the current position (playlist number position, time position) can't be kept and updated when new files are added (if new song position is less than or equal to current position then current position = current position + 1).
  5. I'd like the option to disable these buttons as well... or at least make them only respond to a long hold so that I'm not accidentally switching lists when I only want to go to the next song.
  6. Can't you put all of those specialty songs in folders and then just uncheck those folders in the Music Folders section in settings?
  7. If the current "playlist" is actually just the selected media folders shuffled, will this work? I don't have any playlists created but would like to move stuff around with the list of songs that's currently playing.
  8. I was searching for this very suggestion before posting a new thread... Rockbox can be configured to do this (by setting the fade in duration to 0) and it would be great if PA added this as an option... as such, I don't use the crossfade option at all because I don't like how faded in songs sound. Radio style crossfade is a good, descriptive name btw.
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