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  1. Hello! I'm operating my SGS2 with CM 10.1. Poweramp now support usage of DSP Manager by enabling MusicFX. However, when I enable "Dynamic Range Compression" for headset, I hear a very loud noise when starting playback after pause. This noise can be described as if you drop the needle of a turntable from a distance of 5cm. This issue is only reproducable with "Dynamic Range Compression" enabled. Enabling/disabling "Bass boost" has no impact. Anybody else having the same issue? THX
  2. This is really a pity that Poweramp is not working with DSPManager of Cyanogenmod on Samsung Galaxy S2. Is there anything you are planning to do to improve this?
  3. Hi! I'm running CM9 (CyanogemMod) ond my Samsung device. After upgrading the FW, all ratings set in Poweramp get lost. Is there any feature that allows me to save or export/import title ratings? THX
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