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  1. Thx for confirm this bug. So far, nobody cares. I've reverted back to 814.
  2. So this problem still exists after so many years and even in v3?! Why I'm asking? Well, because I've got the license error today. Yes, my phone was offline. Went online, checked the license, passed and it's fine now. For how long? I remember that problem years ago and because of it, I've stopped using the app. Recently, I gave another try. Most of the time I'm in roaming/airplane so you are telling me that player is still checking license every now and then. And that will stop working in the middle of the flight? Again?! In 2019?! No single app I bought is doing such mess.
  3. Hi Build 815 and 816 behavior: - music starts automatically when Bluetooth headphones connected. As is configured. - pressing play/pause button on headphones, player pause the music and disappear from the notifications. How should be and how is working on the previous builds. - pressing play/pause button again, player is not starting the music and not showing up in the notification. Build 814 and older work fine, music starts and player shows up in the notifications. Under "Last Processed Commands" player is showing two messages for each single press of the headphones button (btw, I'm not finding the same option in the older builds). That's looking wrong. Please check screenshot. I'm guessing, bug is in new feature called "better head units media command processing" introduced in 815 build. Setup I'm using is Moto Z Play, running Android 8.0 and Sony MDR-ZX770BN. Interesting, play/pause function works fine with my another headphones, Sennheiser PXC 550, the same phone and the latest build 816. Strange, after turning off Sennheiser and turning Sony on, play/pause works fine with MDR-ZX770BN as well?! Only what I did is to test with Sennheiser, turned Sennheiser off, turned Sony back on and now is working. But, as soon I turned BT on the phone off, then on, Sony gets connected and bug is back. Sony can pause the music but not start playing again. When is working, there is three messages for each button press. Please check the second screenshot. It's taken when Sennheiser was connected. If I can provide more data, bug report or similar, just let me know.
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