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  1. Thx for confirm this bug. So far, nobody cares. I've reverted back to 814.
  2. So this problem still exists after so many years and even in v3?! Why I'm asking? Well, because I've got the license error today. Yes, my phone was offline. Went online, checked the license, passed and it's fine now. For how long? I remember that problem years ago and because of it, I've stopped using the app. Recently, I gave another try. Most of the time I'm in roaming/airplane so you are telling me that player is still checking license every now and then. And that will stop working in the middle of the flight? Again?! In 2019?! No single app I bought is doing such mess.
  3. Hi Build 815 and 816 behavior: - music starts automatically when Bluetooth headphones connected. As is configured. - pressing play/pause button on headphones, player pause the music and disappear from the notifications. How should be and how is working on the previous builds. - pressing play/pause button again, player is not starting the music and not showing up in the notification. Build 814 and older work fine, music starts and player shows up in the notifications. Under "Last Processed Commands" player is showing two messages for each single press of the headphones
  4. Your post will be deleted same as mine. Funny, I first heard about mobilism solution from Wen (moderator). From exact post you quoted. And works flawlessly. Much better than legal version. Instead get 5$ from me, they push me to cracked version. What a nice deal P.S. Wen, you shouldn't delete my post. I said, I will buy application if you remove licence check. Now, I'm not sure anymore...
  5. What!? Are you crazy? It's music player! Not space ship software! As said before, more protection, more problems for regular users. Every protection could be broken. You're just fighting on wrong field. Same as SOPA, RIAA... Because you made wrong decision at beggining. And yes, you make life harder for some users. Actually I cannot believe that someone will pay for your application and must do validation every few days or weeks. What will happen if you or your company turn off server? Paid application will become useless. If I pay for something, then I wish to use it whenever I wish, whereve
  6. Exactly! Poweramp is really nice player, maybe one of the best but you can not expect that users are online all the time to validate your application. Application is just 5$, common
  7. Sorry but you are wrong same as for example Blizzard with Diablo or any other anti piracy protection. Your protection makes problems for normal user who paid for your application. Others will always find the way how to crack and actually use application as it should without online check every few days or weeks. Only way how you can fight against piracy is price, quality and support. All of these you already have and I'm willing to pay 5$ for app. But now, with this ridiculous protection, you are the one who push me to use pirate version!
  8. And what are you planing to do about? I flying a lot, most of the time I'm in roaming. Sometimes I have WLAN in hotel, sometimes not. I'm not going to turn on data in roaming just to validate Poweramp licence and probably pay for it even more than for app itself. You should trust to your customer who paid for your application.
  9. I would like to have this feature also! My default player has it but this one is much better in any way except this one. Please add this feature
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