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  1. Thanks and Yeah, I could not guess that there was a toggle for Delete option.. from the recent change-log.
  2. Is it just me or the delete option has vanished from the 3-dot menu near the album art ?
  3. Hi, This might be because your launcher might be applying adaptive style icons..
  4. Hi, I just purchased the Material 2 skin , and was tinkering around with the skin settings, when I found that in the alternative layout, there is this kind of strange overlap between the seek bar , shuffle controls and the play/pause control buttons. Please look into this..
  5. You have a point.. But mine was.. so that with the current setup I can have a look at the complete album art as well the song title. Currently the title is placed above the album-art, and some customization in this regard would be appreciated..
  6. Thanks @maxmp for the update.. Loving the new version and the new look of v3.. I have a few suggestions.. 1. Can there be a toggle implemented to enable / disable the rounded borders in album art ? It looks good in the main now-playing screen , but in the list views, it doesn't look that pretty, tbh.. 2. I liked to set album art zoom in PA v2 to about 75-80%. v3 doesn't have that option yet, any plans to have this ? 3. When I click on the album art in now-playing, it gets me to the list view, when i click on the same track again, it starts playing from the beginning, w
  7. Hi, I noticed that when I try to open an mp3 file from Solid Explorer ( or maybe any file explorer for that matter ), Poweramp V3 beta crashes and it doesn't recover. Even after force-stopping the app and restarting the device, it doesn't start at all, keeps on crashing. The only way is to clear data / reinstall the app. Please do look into this. Also, there is no way to delete files as of now..
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