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  1. Hey, ive got Poweramp installed on my android radio in my car, and since V3 (any build of it), this is my problem: Poweramp starts, plays a bit and then instantly stops again when i switch the FM radio Station on my Android radio. (I dont want Poweramp to do anything at all when i listen to the radio) This did not happen in v2, but now does in v3. I have already changed every option in the headset menu and also direct volume control. Radio is Android 6.0. I went back to V2 cause it was driving me nuts, but maybe there is a solution for this Problem? I also made a Video of the Problem, i can send a link to it via pm to moderators if they want. Thanks
  2. Oh well, now i know that the option i needed was there in V2 and also is still there in V3. Thanks for the info. I'll give the new V3 release another try now ?
  3. I cant even express how much i need this. I have my entire Library well sorted by Band in one Folder. But the folder view doesnt give me a nice overview of the content of that folder, it just mashes every subfolder together into one view. Now I have to scroll through 940 subfolders of mish-mash instead of 100 well-sorted and named folders. The folder view is just straight up useless for me. PLEASE bring this feature back, it is the only thing that made me switch to another audio player. Hey. which version actually does that? I just re-downloaded V2 but it still shows every subfolder in the folder-view.
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