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  1. i dont like this feature long press will cause the vol up / down jumped a large step, it will hurt my ears...
  2. i dont have this situation with lock screen is on have u disabled android lock screen ? (it also have bug on pressing next track on the control)
  3. dear admin, does it have any updates? is it possible to pick the upper folder? Thanks.
  4. it is a embarrassing situation that the bluetooth is suddenly disconnected, but not yet realized. And next time click the play button on Poweramp, then it will be play through the internal speaker instead of the bluetooth. Does it possible to be detecting when it is bluetooth / headset connected, and prompt a warning box if not ?
  5. then why using shuffle all ? using queue / playlist and shuffle the song in the list can help u
  6. I also notice that when I am pressing "Home" button in the Poweramp lock screen it will be unlocked
  7. hi does your CD / single songs are put in separate directory or in the same folder (folder X in this example) ? e.g. Music -- X ---- 1.mp3 ---- 2.mp3 -- Y ----3.mp3 or Music -- X ---- a ------ 1.mp3 ---- b ----- 2.mp3 -- Y ---- 3.mp3 ? in my case, i am talking about the latter case, in the "folder" part of the library, it will only show [a] (with path /Music/X) (with path /Music/X) [Y] (with path /Music) even using filer, keyword X, will not have result found as it will only search the title (a, b, Y). please teach me if there are ways to select a + b on
  8. when selecting songs library from a artist. "the shuffle always disabled " and the sequence is quite wried. 1. off 2. all 3. song 4. list 5 song / list and the "all" option will shuffle all song in the library (not the selected artist) to shuffle the selected artist, I should choose "song" (pressing 2 times) will this situation be fixed by reordering the shuffle options? e.g. 1. off 2. song 3. list 4 song / list 5. all and the option (e.g. repeat / shuffle) be kept after picking other songs?
  9. Actually, folder is shown but I have tons of folders, those sub-folder is mixed in some of the folders and I have to select one by one Even the filtering feature only search for the last level folder name but not the whole folder path This is really painful to add a folder with tons of sub folder inside.
  10. hi admin, is there able to add song by selecting a upper level folder, so all song under them will be added ? E.g. D -- D1 -- A11.mp3 -- D2 -- B11.mp3 -- D3 -- C11.mp3 In the current implementation, only D1, D2, D3 are displayed as they have song inside. But will that be possible that "D" can also be selected and all song (A11, B11, C11) will be added to the playlist? Thanks
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