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  1. It seems to have been fixed now, I'll test it further so I can inform you.
  2. I'm having this issue as well. I'm on a Xiaomi Redmi Note 5, stock MIUI 10, Android 8.1 I'm using AAC and OPUS files, if that matters. Notifications seems to show the correct info. I think the Mini player always shows the first track from the "All Songs" list, or something among those lines?
  3. Hello Max, Andre, and everyone else. So, I switched to Opus as my main format of choice for music a year ago and I'm totally loving it, but there were only a handful of players that could work with it properly. I've been using GoneMAD for that reason, because it handles them perfectly without having to change the extension to .ogg, no missing tag fields, etc. I had already purchased Poweramp years ago, and later I saw that it supports Opus as well. I recently installed v3, and while I'm really liking the new interface, the app doesn't seem to play well with Opus. One thing I've noticed is that it probably has some issues with the tags, because when I try to sort the albums by year, it's quite hit or miss, and I'm quite certain they're all fine, because I'm using them with GoneMAD and they're sorted exactly as I want them. One other thing is that it doesn't show ALL the Opus files on my microSD for some reason, even if I have selected to scan the ONE folder I have them all in, and I'm not using any .nomedia files in them. There are entire subfolders that don't show up in the library. So as of now, if I want to use Poweramp with Opus properly, I have to use it with the "Folders" view, and not the library... And I'm not really into that. Is that known, or is that something that only happens to me? I'm using a Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 on MIUI 10 (Android 8.1) if that matters. Thank you very much.
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