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  1. Thank you for quick response! Well, what i like about the n7 (and galaxy s/galaxy s2) grid view is the tightness. The point of grid view is the overview. Example: Galaxy s2 stock player grid view shows 4x6 = 24 albums without scrolling. Power amp shows 2 x 2. Galaxy s2 grid view offers more overview. n7 grid view supports pinch to zoom = adjustable amount of albums. Something to look into?
  2. Tell me your opinion! I like Poweramp better, hands down, but what i DO like about n7 is the tight and rich grid view and the "artists scattered all over the place"-view. Hopefully the new competition might inspire even better versions of power amp to come.
  3. No comments on this? I think it's a great idea!
  4. This idea is not my own, but I have heard hardly any comments on it when mentioned on earlier occations, so I thought it might be time to give it a thread of it's own. The idea. Normal crossfade: track one is close to end and starts fading out while crossfadeing to track 2. Track 2 is starting on zero volume level and is fading in during crossfade. Radio crossfade: track one i close to end and starts fading out. Before track 1 is completely silent, track 2 starts playing at normal volume. The good thing is that you get a nice crossfade without missing the initial tones of every track. Happy fo
  5. I belive it's already in the latest version (not on the market but downloadeble here in the forums)!
  6. Now I see, and sorry, I can not help you with this one. As far as i can see, it is true that when you shuffle a folder and let the player repeate that shuffle, the player will repeate the tracks in the same order the second time. The only way to avoid this that I know of is to re-shuffle the folder when you reach the end of the first play. Instead of having the player repeate the shuffle, manually start a new shuffle, and the randomaization of tracks will be re-made. Maybe a topic for the feature requests forum to let the player re-randomize the shuffle order when player reaches end of shuffle
  7. I don't get it. Is your problems what happens when you have played all your albums all through? You don't want Poweramp to enter the next folder with the individual tracks? How is the "making a random list and playing it" NOT playing the tracks randomly? Even though both your music folders show up in folder view, you can easily make power amp shuffle wichever folder you want without tuching other folders. Please be a little bit more specific!
  8. First try this! enter folder list -> hardware menu button -> list options -> check "view as Hierarchy". did it help?
  9. I don't get this either, maybe I misunderstand? when you long press a folder, there is a play icon next to the shuffle icon, just press it and power amp will play all sub folders through without shuffling.
  10. I don't get it. I have a lot of parent folders without actual music in them but with multiple sub-folders under them (in which i keep music) and i can select any parent folder and shuffle music from sub folders under that specific parent-folder. Maybe YOU don't get it. You need to LONG PRESS the parent folder itself, have you tried that? EDIT: Maybe oif you try making both "edited music" and "unedited music" your default folders (you can have multiple you know). Good luck anyway!
  11. navigate to the desired folder, long press the folder, in context menu select shuffle icon. Viola!
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