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  1. Yeah, pretty sure its the same function as list options. But the menu is not working yet. I have mine all set as the 3x3 grid. Looks great on my s8+.
  2. The license verification breaking is due to the latest playstore update. https://www.xda-developers.com/latest-play-store-breaks-license-verification-paid-apps/
  3. If you pinch in the tracklist you can switch the view, same with every other list. Right now its only a gesture but the 3 dot option has it too just not functional. EDIT: derp lol i forgot, I see what you mean Unfortunately there is no simple drop down list. But right now I have mine on the 3x3 grid everywhere. Which gives most tracks without scrolling. Bit I'm on s8+ max res.
  4. Looks good! I probly wont be using it but its exciting to see updates. :> Excited for Artist function, would be nice to be able to have it as the default window too. Not just library/folders etc but any page.
  5. Before Power Amp I actually used BlackPlayer EX as my main player. First time using PA with this 790 incomplete build and I don't think I could go back. I love the gestures and the rest of the UI. (Especially the NP screen) The album art function is also amazing. Hi Res album art is ?. The audio options you have are also fantastic.
  6. Honestly It is ironic but only for that one gesture. Im assuming the list options menu that doesnt function right now, which is in all the views is the same thing though. I knew about the pinch to zoom in lists. But Max never listed what it did lol I think its kinda funny that people are complaining about the gestures when there already is or will be buttons for every option. He even said there will be skins with both forward/fast forward etc.. Buttons on future "pro" skins.
  7. If you really think you're that intelligent and have such blind arrogance. How do you over swipe using these gestures? Is your phone that laggy? The gestures have a snap to them and a set animation they're not a revolving door. Also I used the 790 build since release and its my first time EVER using Power Amp. Didnt need any explanation of the gestures. But it doesn't take a genius either smh. Went back to the old UI just to see what it was like for a few minutes and I thought it was pretty jarring tbh. Very outdated. That being said the new UI is great on the NP screen and i personally dont mind this but everything else right now is plain. Understandable, your attitude isnt. Essentially the UI is an alpha build and no doubt will have many options in the future plus skins. Would also love to see an option to have the artist page as start page and have it like the album page but on a bigger grid. As well as having an option to turn off the drop shadow around album art on NP screen or just in general for everywhere there's albums/artist images. EDIT: Oh dang I forgot to try pinch zoom on lists for weeks haha, didn't realize it changed the grids!, 3x3 looks great on my s8+ max res. A 4x4 grid would be nice too! While I'm at it I just want to say amazing work on the sound and new UI so far. @maxmp
  8. Looks and plays great for me on my s8+ on Oreo 8.0. Sometimes i get random crashes when doing the swipe down gesture on NP screen. It seems to only happen when bringing it up then quickly swiping it away. As if it crashes from doing it too fast. lol Excited for v3, already bought the full unlock and it's my first time using! Especially excited for more customization options and the Library features. (Especially artist view!) It blows my mind how many people have come into this thread just to post about various missing or not working features without even reading the initial post. lol
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