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  1. They are probably just web scraping, which will work. Before they were forced to kill it lyricWiki had a API (SOAP or REST) which is much more efficient/less error prone method for updating an entire library.
  2. I used to be a big contributer to lyricwiki, but they disabled the API back in 2009 whereby external apps could download lyrics and add lyrics to all files in your library in one go. They were forced to do this because of legal issues... You can still do it manually one file at a time, and there are probably alternatives out there for doing it in an automated fashion.
  3. AFAIK one of the issues with this is that there is no ID3 tagging standard for ratings, there is a POPM (Popular Meter) tag but most players Media Monkey, iTunes, Winamp etc, have their standards/formats as far as using this tag (if they do use it at all), so synchronising ratings is not straight forward. At the very least if Poweramp does support some sort of ID3 rating tag, it's certainly possible to use mp3tag to convert between rating formats.
  4. Personally, I like iTunes way of handling this, you introduce an "Artist Sort Field", which it automatically populates with "Beatles, The" for example. Also when you want to sort by an artist's last name you can specify "Lennon, John" for example. It give the user the flexibility to sort how they like. Also I think numbers should come first by default, numbers last is just a case of Apple doing their own thing for no good reason.
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