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  1. how u get the screen ? i m with lg v10
  2. very weird , downloaded alpha 700, tried to install ,it freeze at the installation screen , i m with lg g pro 2 , f350, with 4.4.2 OS , any clue ???
  3. gent, when will have new update for the Poweramp, been a while since the 488 .
  4. I still dont get it, after the last song played in the folder, screen pop up 'list finished' and stay , not advance to next folder . g
  5. andre, not found the Repeat mode anywhere in the setting , may be i overlooked ?? thks G
  6. maxmp, how to enable the auto advance feature , what i want is , after the last song played , the Poweramp can move to music folder following with , it worked fine when with 1.4 G
  7. MaxMP, how to set " auto-advance options moved from Settings to Advance List repeat mode", not see any place that activate the auto-advance. g
  8. maxi , when will it becomes official, eager to have it licensed .
  9. why still no update version in the Market ? coz still see 1.4 build 369
  10. gents, i m a Poweramp l.0 build 296 full version customer, will it be free upgrade for latest version ? g
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