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  1. @flyingdutchman is it possible to restore the ability to access the standard Android font as a choice as well? I really much prefer the all-caps version I have on my phone, much easier to view especially in the car.
  2. Got the update, and it is very clean! I very much like the new slider bars for selecting the values in a range where applicable. Some seem to have some values that don't make sense but I expect this will get cleaned up as you work through these. The only issue I have come across so far is in the font selector. All work, except when selecting the "App Default" font. Action should select the standard font in Android, but instead always goes back to "Josefine Sans Light" every time. So I can't get back to my preferred font at this time. It also appears currently that there are to steps to selecting the font, but perhaps this is by design as you may have additional options planned. Thanks for the update! G
  3. Long press is also used already, it replaces the track menu button especially if that is hidden. But a single tap and swipe down seem to do the same, so one of those can be repurposed.
  4. Correct @andrewilley. Using the album art is what I was referring to. Currently only swipe left/right for track change has intent.
  5. Reviving a very old but still very valid request. Is there a plan to add custom gestures for PA? Specifically I was looking to have a double tap in the UI to show/hide the volume slider. Also desirable are the next/previous album or folder with swipe up/down gestures. I am sure many users would have there own requests for custom movements as well. @maxmp is this still in your planned features?
  6. Does anyone have a spectrum type that uses main and secondary colours from the now playing album art? Or as a second ask, does anyone have a visualizer that uses album art as the base? I recall there was one for iTunes a long time ago that no longer works. http://www.imagomat.de/coverversion/
  7. Even with shuffle songs/categories on, this will shuffle from within the playlist you were in.
  8. Check the "no reshuffle" feature here: Settings > Library > Lists > No Reshuffle
  9. When you select the playlist in the library settings, you can press the shuffle icon at the top, it will random play the list with repeat turned off.
  10. To show or hide these category buttons, you may need a 3rd party skin. I believe the Luminous versions by @Mixified currently have this as an option.
  11. @flyingdutchman V65 update with albumart animation is a nice touch!
  12. @flyingdutchman Sorry, yes your skins absolutely have the opaque colour choices. @GeilerHeinz I would consider the skins by flyingdutchman. They have a ton of user configurations to allow you to customize the Poweramp UI. There is a free version you can try to see if you like the main features, and a paid version with many more options and selections.
  13. I think the OP was looking for a lighter transparency for the buttons in the list metadata header section. I.e. the search, repeat, shuffle, select, etc. elements.
  14. @flyingdutchman The update has fixed the UI screen elements that were not quite aligned properly. All looks great again. Thank you for the quick fix.
  15. Thanks @flyingdutchman it downloaded for me automatically overnight. So it has already been released by Google. Thanks for the new release!
  16. Wow that was fast, looks pretty good too. Thanks @flyingdutchman! Any luck trying to get different font colours and/or styles to apply to the title versus the other text areas?
  17. @flyingdutchman I really like the new colour options for the waveseek bar. Any chance you can add an option to put the rounded top and bottom back? The squared ends are a bit rigid compared to the other elements. Like @andrewilley my wavebar is offset from the play buttons a little bit. But not so much that it is unusable. Looks like you also have updated the metadata background in the library lists. Great work!
  18. Go through it in smaller chunks, it will be done before long. When you add new tracks, just make sure you take care of them right away.😉
  19. @maxmp Is this a feature you are considering for a future release? I think crossfade is great when shuffling random songs, but not so when listening to albums in standard track order. A switch within the Crossfade option to only apply when shuffling would be awesome!
  20. There are several really good tag applications available that can help make this go really quickly for you. Updating tags to meet your specific needs can really make your library easy to navigate. My preference is mp3tag, it has many useful functions that allow you to filter tracks in your library and make batch changes, and functions to do useful things like automatically add track and disc numbers, pull tag info from filenames, and more.
  21. @maxmp recently increased the maximum track count from 99 to 999 for reasons similar to yours. However remember that the CD red book actually only allows 99 tracks, so this is a 10x improvement from the industry standard. I guess time will tell if a further increase to this is possible. For your track numbers, do you have these tagged individually in the metadata of each track? If this is simply the position in your playlist, it may not be maintained if you reorder the list. If not, and you are using more than 1000 songs, maybe a playlist is a better solution to keep all of your tracks in the order you prefer? GB
  22. https://www.albumartexchange.com/covers works great for me! Just sign up and the artwork is very well done.
  23. It's 2020, are we still asking for a "feature" to make a high quality music player low quality?
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