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  1. I prefer to manage my tags on PC, much easier to do. There are several good programs for this. My personal preference is mp3tag, as it allows you to filter quickly and batch change multiple files. It handles large libraries easily. There are several other good ones out there. But using Album Artist and Album names together will help keep your library tidy and let's Poweramp display everything nicely.
  2. Poweramp is on internal storage, the library only is on an external SD. Going to check to see if I can find any other external option that may be affecting this. Not a huge problem, just a bit annoying that it disappears occasionally.
  3. Stock launcher. Had a different theme (UX9 Black) but tried the stock one too. Same result.
  4. Please specify the following: Poweramp build number 869 LG G8thinQ Android 10 Stock Any time phone is restarted, or after PA update At least since 867, can't recall if it started earlier, the home screen icon for Poweramp disappears whenever I restart my phone. I have moved it from the app drawer to a "Media Player" folder on the home screen, and also to the bottom static row. Both are missing after the restart. Tried different icons, same result. Anyone else having this issue, or have a suggestion to fix?
  5. Tried that. I only show the same options as @andrewilley on my LG G8. Got the update for PA last night, no change to this.
  6. @flyingdutchman on V70 it looks like the font size for the metadata is no longer in the list for adjustment. Just noticed now.
  7. Definitely prefer the end. Or better yet an option to hide "unknown" tracks with incomplete tag info for the current list. This could be Composer, Artist, Album Artist, etc. All by the songs list of necessary. G
  8. Read the thread, thanks. Was providing some perspective that the app handles large libraries and on many devices. Never suggested yours specifically wasn't an issue. Same with the artwork, yes when playing. Sorry you aren't getting the answer you are looking for.
  9. I'm at 25,000+ tracks mixed with mp3, FLAC, and ALAC. Never had the app or scanner crash. All tagged with metadata and covers. Often inside the front cover for what would be "side A" tracks and the back cover for "side B" and they all.show as expected when playing. I know you are looking for very specific requests, but don't think it is the scanner or app at the current design that are at fault. G
  10. @flyingdutchman a new suggestion for your paid app - can you separately choose the waveseek bar colour for the two sides, elapsed and upcoming? This could mix colours rather than just shading if it is feasible. For the seekbar, can you add more of the opaque colours to the list? Currently there are only a few custom colours, but if the colour list for the music buttons could be used, that would increase the number of options for the seekbar significantly. Thanks as always for your ongoing development and support! G
  11. @flyingdutchman thanks for the update. The standard font has been restored and all seems to be working as expected.
  12. I see what you mean about the grouping. Not sure if @maxmp has this as part of the plan but know he has mentioned that custom sorting is in the works for us. There is an option in recently played to sort by last played time, it is way down the list but is there.
  13. Have you tried to create a viz that uses the album artwork? I added some details in a previous post with an older one that I used in iTunes long ago, but is no longer in development.
  14. Most car units only use Bluetooth phone protocol for calls. This is different than the audio protocol, or direct USB audio if your head unit supports that with Android. Have you tried forgetting the pairing on both your phone and head unit, then re+pairing them? If you have done a recent update on either unit, there is often an issue with Bluetooth Handsfree that can be resolved this way. Nothing to do with PA though. G
  15. In both cases you can sort your lists as you desire. Using the 3-dot menu when you open the Recently Played or Artist lists, you can choose to sort by album. G
  16. I personally use mp3tag, have been for a very long time. Batch edits, awesome filtering, and regularly updated. Like yourself I am very detailed about tagging my music and have every track as I prefer including artwork, etc. So I am good there thanks!
  17. @maxmp will need to answer you for this. I do not use Music Brainz so have no experience to offer. But I am not sure how else a music player that uses standard tagging details can differentiate albums with identical names any other way. Hopefully Max can help or at least point you in a direction with support.
  18. @null Are the next samples you provided all on the exact same album, or are these actually different release versions? If so, you could append the release versions to the end of the album so that Poweramp, and all other players for that matter, can show them separately as you are seeking. For example, in my library I use square brackets to show different release versions (i.e. [Deluxe Version], [2018 Remastered Version], [EP Version], etc.). Just a suggestion, I know that everyone has their own preference. But this works for my library of 25k tracks and over 2k separate album titles including various releases. If the sort tags ever get added (album_artist, album, artist, composer, and title would be great!), that makes it even easier to clean up. Then you can make the sort tags have any differentiator you see fit and then have the same album tag, but sorted and shown separately. It is very nicely implemented in iOS, hoping to see this someday soon in Poweramp. 😋 G
  19. @flyingdutchman I updated to V67 today. The new coloured seekbar is working, but the default app font still reverts to Josefine light rather than the Android default. I tried rebooting as well, but no charge. G
  20. Do you have the "No EQ/Tone" turned on for the specific audio device you currently have selected? Audio>Output>...device
  21. @flyingdutchman has a bare bones interface skin in his free version of YAPS in the play store that should work for this.
  22. Thanks very much @flyingdutchman your responses are always so quick. And appreciate this on very much! G
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