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  1. The widget notification has the option to use album art derived colours for the background accents. It would be nice if the main UI could have the same option, allowing the skin devs to open up new builds for now playing primary and accent colours to follow the album art of the Now Playing track.
  2. Do you mean during the transition between tracks, or spinning while playing the whole time? Like the label on a record? This would need the art to be circular, not sure if the skin masters have an option for this within the APK at this time. But cool idea!
  3. Just trying to set it up to look like the rest of the interface. First image is what it looks like now. And second is what the simple seekbar looks like that would be much better as the volume bar as well, following the colour and size choices you already have in the options. The two glaring differences are the knob (which is way too big but I believe was borrowed from the EQ sliders) and the small white ticks in the four corners (no idea what they are for, they look like design guides that weren't removed).
  4. @flyingdutchman I like the option to replace the simple seekbar with the volume bar. Is it possible to change the appearance of the volume bar and knob though? They look out of place compared to the other elements in your skin. If they could follow the seekbar design options, that would be great.
  5. Very nice details, thanks for adding your work!
  6. I have 25k+ files that are aver 250GB on an external 400GB uSD card. All tracks scan as expected in PA. So the issue is not PA specific, but something that needs to be resolved with your device.
  7. I have a 400GB SanDisk microSD card with 25k+ songs. All tags work as expected with PA and other players.
  8. Nice, looking forward to the update! EDIT: Installed the update, works perfect. Thanks for the added album art scale feature!
  9. @flyingdutchman is the scale that is applied to the album art in the UI screen when paused selectable? Seems when paused now, it scales larger than the playing art, but if I recall correctly it used to shrink during pause. If it is adjustable, can it be selectable to shrink or grow in a future version? G
  10. @MotleyG <<<starts to twitch uncontrollably, as his OCD goes into overdrive>>>🥴
  11. Yes, I have that set. I was more curious for the image Max showed a couple of posts ago with the 1-line display. Without the metadata second line it will really clean thing up under Artist>Album or AlbumArtist>Album lists since those are duplicated details once you have drilled down that far. This is what mine looks like now, even with the simple "no art" list.
  12. For multi-disc tracks, will disc number show in front of track number for this 1-line display? I don't see it in 877 so assume this is still being developed? G
  13. There is also a Composer sort tag. @andrewilley the better solution I believe is to revert to the non-sort tag in the cases where sort tags are blank. This is how iOS has been doing it since they introduced these tags a long time ago. However many other non-Apple players are now using these tags as well. Besides the ability to ignore prefixes (i.e. The Beatles can be sorted as Beatles), it also means one can use sort tags for many other purposes. For those like myself that prefer to find artists listed under their last name, the sort tag can be Lennon, John while the actual display still shows John Lennon in the lists and now.playing screens. Since the sort tags are used in the background and never actually displayed, they can also contain other helpful sorting tags. For example, those with multiple releases of the same album can add the year or release number in the sort tag. So Dark Side Of The Moon can easily be listed chronologically, by the release name, etc. All by your personal preference - while the alb name itself can still show only the title if that is your preference. Even the Artist tag is helpful here. For those that have released under different names, the track can list the name on the associated release, but the SortArtist tag can include any of the names to include in searches. So John Cougar, John Cougar Mellencamp, and John Mellencamp can all be in the sort tag. Or in my OCD case - Cougar, John/Mellencamp, John Cougar/Mellencamp, John.
  14. @Kroozzy nice rant, there is a free trial that let's you make a decision without an investment. PA works fine for the 50M+ others that downloaded it and use it for their local music files, hi-res or otherwise. There are plenty of other streaming apps that do exactly what they are supposed to do as well, and don't suit my needs. I don't buy them.
  15. @DevilSlayerDante respectfully you are obviously stating your personal opinions and are completely within your right to do so. But I am 180⁰ on the other side of the table in regards to the V3 UI. I see the waveseekbar as a very versatile tool to visually seek within a track knowing where different parts of the track can be easily identified. I also prefer the minimal approach to the buttons and menus, and have been using the $Yaps$ skin from @flyingdutchman to personalize it even further, mostly to make most of the backgrounds transparent. Fortunately there are several skin options that offer to "Hide" many of the elements don't like. I am not suggesting your points aren't valid, just that there are other opinions of the current app and skin features and design. Hopefully some of your suggestions can be assimilated into future releases of the respective PA and/or skin apps that will suit your preferences as well. I know I have shared my thoughts on occasion!😋
  16. To confirm, you are running a FULL rescan? it is below the first standard Rescan option in the library list. The difference is the Full Rescan deletes the entire database and scans all of the enabled folders (internal and/or SD card) for music and playlists. If you are using this function, I don't see how PA can still be showing tracks that don't exist. As far as your playlists go, there is an option. In the playlist settings to resolve playlists. Of course it does depend on your library having the actual tracks found, so that needs to be solved first.
  17. Bumping this thread, it has been a while without any updates. Any chance these sort tags will be integrated into PA any time soon?
  18. Very nice update @flyingdutchman! Love the volume slider option as a replacement for the seekbar! The dark metal buttons/switches/sliders are a nice touch as well.Thanks for this latest version. G
  19. Same here, with the default icon it works as normal after a reboot. It stays in the launcher bar and in the folder I created as well to check. So it only disappears of using one of the alternative logos. Shame as I really like the lightning bolt icon, it is distinctly Poweramp. 😉
  20. AAC files shouldn't have a mp3 extension. Something wrong there.
  21. PA for me is on the internal storage of LG G8thinQ running stock Android 10. On every reboot, the PA icon I have on the lower launcher bar gets removed, and I have to put it back. It stays until an update or reboot. But happens every time.either of those occur.
  22. Check this setting; Settings>Headset/Bluetooth>Beep If you are using the volume from the headphones this causes a short beep, but it may be muted.
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