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  1. I think you are confusing these products. This Poweramp is an Android app, media player. It is not related to the PC apps you are mentioning. @ethan417
  2. Does your car radio use Gracenote information? This is often built-in. Not sure if it can be disabled though. I know it is in my wife's Jeep Grand Cherokee and is very rigid.
  3. I don't think PA sends album art via BT when the image is in folder.jpg and not imbedded in the actual file itself. You can test this with a couple of files if you want to try it, but that would be my bet. Perhaps @maxmp can confirm?
  4. Strange. I did reset to defaults, and the app default is still being ignored. It appears like the font is using Sans Regular in this case. It is for all three font line options. The default and a few other skins work as expected, and it only changed after the weekend update.
  5. V99test all seems fine, except the default font is not picking up the system font, but rather some other font from the list.
  6. This is a bit of a challenge to work around, as Poweramp looks at each release as an "Album". This is the same as most other media players as this is how they are tagged. I can offer what I have used as a semi-workaround solution. I have a Album like you have done named "Singles" but the other part that makes this work is to add the "Album Artist" tag and use "Various Artists" there. The other tags including "Artist" can stay as they are. This way you essentially have a single large COMPILATION album that will only be listed once in Poweramp, with all of your singles listed there. This actually makes it easier to find your singles as well. This is easier to do on a computer using tagging software. There are several good ones, I use mp3tag myself. But far easier than trying to do this on a mobile device. Hope this helps.
  7. There currently isn't a method to batch edit files within Poweramp. You can edit individual tracks as mentioned by @andrewilley but if you want to do large edits I suggest you do this separately on an app designed for metadata tag editing. Of course this is easier on a separate computer than on a phone. Regardless, mass edits are outside of the scope of the player at this time.
  8. MotleyG


    Duplicates like this would have to be in separate folders, as the same file name can't exist twice within a single folder. If that is the case, then Poweramp won't be able to distinguish between similarly named tracks that could be by different artists or entirely different songs with the same name. My best suggestion is to ensure your music files are properly tagged with song names, artist, album, album artist, etc. You could then use any music editor to search for true duplicates and delete some that way. This shouldn't be the job of a player like Poweramp.
  9. Can you call out from your phone? If not, sound like your SIM card is not in. Does it share a slit with an external uSD card that you inserted? Are they backwards? I don't think the app itself can stop the function of your phone from working. I don't think any app can.
  10. Works on LG G8thinQ with stock Android 10.
  11. Is it possible one of your other players is updating the file when Poweramp is not active? Either changing the file name or rating perhaps? Seems something is causing PA to lose access to these files on your phone. I have 25k+ songs organized by Artist/Album/Track#Name and have never had this issue. I'm on Android 10 currently with an LG G8 thinQ. So not that you are not having an issue, but just providing some reference. Maybe try turning off the Auto-Scan feature in the Library/Scanner options so it only refreshes when you force it?
  12. In mp3tag you can create a tag with any name you like. I would create a new tag like "oldtitle" and copy the original "title" tag there first for the tracks you are going to edit. After that you can make change to the "title" tag in any way you like, knowing you have a built-in back-up to fall back on if you don't like the outcome. My best advice however would be to seek support from that forum, as it is well outside of the Poweramp scope and I don't think the thread should be continued here.
  13. I also use mp3tag, and what you are seeking to do can be easily done using the current tags you have. But note that once you make this change it is permanent. I would post this same question on their community forum, you should get a pretty fast reply. Their group is equally as active as this one.
  14. So like the default light and dark skins, but with all of the selectable options made available?
  15. Make sure to add "Album Artist" metadata for all of your albums, this solves 99% of the sorting you are looking for.
  16. @flyingdutchman A big thanks for the continued development and support with your skin!
  17. That may be possible with some tag editor programs. I use mp3tag, but honestly couldn't tell you if it is possible to pull info from a text file into a comment field. At least not using the tried and true copy/paste and painfully manual method.
  18. This is something easily done by using the sort tags as well, as that is specifically their purpose. Keep the standard tag as is, sorted by any means you desire. Useful for track, artist, album artist, album, and composer tags.😁
  19. @maxmp This one example seems a little extreme, and I agree with @andrewilley that this is more of an issue with the artist or label releasing identically labelled albums. But if there is future support for sort tags in the (near?) future for PA, this can help. The displayed title can remain as published, but the sort title can add things like year/month/day of release, additional artist details, etc. Just a little nudge for support of the sort tags.😉
  20. @maxmp if the counter stops, than restarts it has to be something affecting the app itself. Any ideas? I've never experienced this on any of my devices, thru headphone out or USB DAC.
  21. If it happens in your car and at home, it is not likely an am problem and more likely related to the phone or app. However as @andrewilley has suggested, there isn't much the app can do based on this type of playback to cause this issue. Unless something is overdriving the DAC or output driver in your device significantly. If the time counter doesn't stop moving when the music cuts out, then I'd rule out the app too. What phone are you using, and what output are you using to feed your external home and car systems - a direct headphone jack, a headphone dongle, a USB DAC?
  22. Sounds like a car amp issue. Poweramp is playing extreme full range and your amp is probably hitting subsonic bass that is maxing out the power supply. Dial back the gains, or at least turn on a subsonic filter if the amp has one.
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