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  1. 25 minutes ago, dirkbeen said:

    Totally agree. I'm a brand-new user to the app and this is the very first thing I started hunting in the settings for. In my case it causes the tags to pull into the wrong fields when my phone is connected via bluetooth to my car - the artist and album are jammed into the artist field on my car's display screen while the album field redundantly displays the running time of the track.

    Not sure this is the same issue. AFAIK the Bluetooth data is passed as separate fields. The combined string of Artist - Album is just on the Now Playing page for Poweramp.

    I have two cars with Bluetooth, both show 4/5 separate fields distinctly with Playlist, Title, Album, Artist, and Genre (genre is only in the Jeep, not my Buick).

    @dirkbeen are you using Android Auto when this happens, or some other interface?

  2. 6 hours ago, flyingdutchman said:

    @andrewilleyDid you notiice the bounce adopt the icon colour

    The bounce and bottom selection are fixed, thanks @flyingdutchman. I can't see anything with the bounce either, but many of my backgrounds colours are black or transparent. Which setting would affect the bounce colour?

    I mentioned a long time ago, I think the only thing I'd really like to have a switch for is the location of the Visual/ Sleep/ Repeat/ Shuffle buttons and track counter to be able to move above the album art. One other V3 skin had this once upon a time but has not been supported at all, and with many of the PA updates the functionality of that skin is broken.



  3. 6 hours ago, andrewilley said:

    What I was asking is for the one-line icons bar at the top of the screen to unhide itself when you start scrolling back up a long list, in the same way that the mini-player and bottom navbar already reappear. When you are scrolling down through a long list (e.g. All Songs) and you want to quickly adjust the sort order, or use the local-list search option, it's annoying to have to scroll all the way back up to the top to see the necessary icons.

    While scrolling down, both the top and bottom bars should be hidden to allow the maximum content to be seen, as per current behaviour.

    The rest of the header block would only need to slide down into view when you get all the way up to the top of the list.

    +1 👍

  4. 1 minute ago, MotleyG said:


    It looks to have something to do with the sidebar slider on the right. Other skins seems to show this visibly when scrolling, and the bottom stops before the mini player. Is this something that can be defined in the skin? Perhaps that would work.

    Ya maybe not, on a second look the slider is also right at the bottom of the list but also stops above the mini player in the $Yaps$ skin too. But it is like the last item extends past the slider for some reason. The default skins and a half dozen others I have tried all seem to work as expected. Thought I had something for you there.

  5. 8 hours ago, MotleyG said:

    @flyingdutchman I am seeing the same thing in all lists that extend longer than the first screen.

    @flyingdutchman I was just confirming that I was having the exact same issue as @andrewilley 

    It looks to have something to do with the sidebar slider on the right. Other skins seems to show this visibly when scrolling, and the bottom stops before the mini player. Is this something that can be defined in the skin? Perhaps that would work.

  6. 2 hours ago, flyingdutchman said:

    @MotleyG, there is, under misc, an option to move the timings below the seekbar

    @flyingdutchman the option to move them lower isn't working, perhaps because I have the volume bar on to replace the seekbar?

    I'm fine where they are, it would just help if they could choose a background colour separately from the buttons. Not a dealbreaker, just noticed it when changing the waveseek colour.

  7. 11 hours ago, flyingdutchman said:

    Latest release V107

    Colour palette now available for the waveseek bar


    Very cool, love the choices for the waveseek bar. Couldn't find it at first though, thought it would be in the top waveseek options in the menu.

    The elapsed and remaining times are hard to see. I have the button backgrounds all set to transparent, but it would be great if you could add a separate control for the time backgrounds.

  8. 29 minutes ago, QnD said:

    I am a registered user and might have a stupid question: I am using Poweramp hands-off when motorbiking. My library is organized by folders per album and I do not like playback lists. I usually start playback of the first song of a folder and am regularly annoyed when playback stops after last song of current folder was played. I would prefer to just continue with playing the first song of the next folder instead.

    Am I missing the right option or is this just not implemented?

    Many thanks for any advise.


    @QnD Long press the repeat button on the Now Playing screen, and choose the arrow to "Advance Category" - this will move to the next item in whatever list you are working from. To ensure albums are played in order, you can also long press the shuffle button and turn Shuffle Off. 

  9. 20 hours ago, Sinner43 said:

    Dont understand think waste of time and money


    @Sinner43 The download for trial is free, did you not do this prior to buying the unlocker? I'm pretty sure the description of the product clearly states that it is a music media player for your personal library. If you are listening to YTM or Spotify, they have their own app. What would you expect PA to do any differently?

  10. 7 hours ago, andrewilley said:

    LOL, we're not going to get into a my SD Card is bigger than yours argument are we? :)

    'Migrate Data to Android 10' helps with the album art cache migration if Poweramp is reinstalled, you shouldn't need to worry about it.

    I don't really worry about backing up my music folders from my phone as they have all come from my house NAS anyway, which is also backed up to an external drive anyway. I do backup phone-camera photos and videos thought.

    Good Luck in Tier 3 restrictions by the way, I'm in Birmingham and we're still Tier 2 at the moment.


    Lol No size comps. Just referencing that PA is more than capable with a very large library.😋

    @Microft glad you got it sorted out👍

  11. 3 hours ago, andrewilley said:

    I just noticed that there isn't quite enough padding at the end of library lists to allow for the bounce-back animation when you have scrolled to the bottom. The final item ends up being partially - or even completely - hidden under the mini-player so you can't select it. This doesn't happen with the PA default skins, the last item sits fully visible above the mini player.

    Confirmed, seeing the same issue with the last track in a list covered. Only if the list is long enough to require scrolling.

  12. @6b6561 You are correct that ultimately it really comes down to your personal preference. For my library I use the release year of the album. Even with true compilations (like soundtracks and mixed artist releases) and typical greatest hits packages that may be decades apart from the original release year, it keeps the order of your albums intact.

    There is a value for original year in the id3 spec but I don't think there are too many players out there that use it.

  13. BTW I have Android and IOS devices on the go, both work with the tagging details I have been including for years. I just make sure to rip and tag everything accurately first in a temporary desktop folder. Then I can add to iTunes (managed by iTunes🤯) and have my Asset and Plex servers pick up the newly added tracks from that library. Once it has been copied, I clean up the temp folder and repeat next time I buy more discs.

    For PA, I simply drag and drop what I want to my uSD card from the library whenever I want to add new music for my phone. No further changes or updates required.

  14. 57 minutes ago, andrewilley said:

    I don't think the TSOP tag is intended to have multiple contents though, it's a single sorting entity.

    In these cases, depending on the player of course, that may not help. But as long as the separator exists in the tag and the player supports it, then it will work. And if not at least the first artist in the SortArtist field will be in the correct place, assuming it is treated as a single content field.

    For the record, iTunes itself doesn't support any multiple content in any fields, and simply looks at the separator as a standard character. So fields with extra artists are listed as one long field. But in other players they are separated and browsed under each separated artist. The TSOP field should be treated no differently in my opinion.

    But if it isn't in the plan for PA, I guess that is irrelevant.🤔

  15. 1 hour ago, andrewilley said:

    This could only be achieved if Poweramp ever supports the newer (but as yet rarely-used as far as I know) ID3 v2.4 tag 'TSOP' (Performer Sort Order).

    Not so rare, IOS devices have been using all of these for many years. Many DLNA servers also use them like Asset UPnP, Plex, etc. The fallback when files do not have these sort tags is to default back to the standard equivalent tag. I really hope @maxmp has this on the ToDo list and adds it in the near future.

  16. 43 minutes ago, bloodw3rx said:

    @6b6561 So I think your method works, except that it appears some of the songs were not "backed up" by my iTunes.  In other words when I look in that iTunes folder with the copies of my music, I do not see some songs.  Even when I export the playlist,  it reflects to the main folder that has my music.  So it's like the playlist is pulling half my music from my main library folder and half from the iTunes copy folder.

    Do you know of a way for iTunes to copy ALL of the music in the playlist then copy it over to the copy folder, so it will all be in one place (the iTunes copy folder)? 

    Edit: Theoretically I could add BOTH folders to my device right, let it create the playlist since it has access to both folders, then delete the duplicates after?

    I have been using iTunes for a very long time. In the beginning I had struggles it fought it's own file system, versus WMP, and others. What I found early on was to only let one player manage the file locations (which I choose to be iTunes since I had multiple other iDevices and AppleTV units all talking to the main library) and have all others only have read access. Since then I have not had an issue, going on 10+ years.

    As mentioned by others already, you can export any playlist from iTunes, even the "Smart" ones. The links.willmpoint to the files in the library, and assuming iTunes is in control they will all be in the right place for copying and pasting to your phone media.

     @bloodw3rx I think what you are seeing is one location where most of your files have been managed, and the iTunes location where the files would be if either you downloaded those from the Apple store, or had them managed by iTunes in the past. You may need to use whatever media player manager you prefer now to consolidate your collection files to one place, then have your iTunes redirected to find those tracks again. Might be a pain, but long term may help.

  17. 5 minutes ago, ethan417 said:


    I hope this email finds you safe and well.

    I know that you generously offer product discounts for existing customers.

    I own dbPoweramp Music Converter and PerfectTUNES.

    Am I entitled to a discount for the purchase of TuneFUSION?

    Many thanks - Stay Well!

    I think you are confusing these products. This Poweramp is an Android app, media player. It is not related to the PC apps you are mentioning. @ethan417

  18. 52 minutes ago, heula said:

    All album art are also embedded in the songs. I wonder where the artist art comes from?

    Does your car radio use Gracenote information? This is often built-in. Not sure if it can be disabled though. I know it is in my wife's Jeep Grand Cherokee and is very rigid. :(

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