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  1. Also some compilation hi-res albums have tracks at different frequency and bit rates.
  2. @flyingdutchmanAre you able to add the name, counter and time to the header for genres, albums, etc? See the screenshot from the standard dark theme, on the lower left side, above the shuffle and play buttons.
  3. Press and hold the settings button to go directly into the current skin settings! G
  4. @maxmp There have been several threads started on the topic of expanding the library database to include the sort tags that are standard in iTunes and in use in many other desktop applications now. The Android music database currently ignores this tag. But since PA is already using a custom library, do you have any plans to implement them any time soon? This truly adds a benefit to browsing the library by last name, and provides a better, more consistent way to ignore the common prefixes like "A", "An", "The" and others. It also helps with libraries containing unrecognized characters and languages. I am more than happy to share some files with sort fields that differ from the standard fields. My entire library is formatted with all artists showing First Name Last Name but browsing as Last Name, First Name. G
  5. Correct me if I'm wrong, but 432Hz and 440Hz tuning is based on how the artists tune their instruments PRIOR to the recording process. But regardless of what this frequency may be, including many other tuning points, once this has been tracked and mastered by the artist, the recording you get is what the artist intended it to be. I can understand trying to get the best quality versions of this (16/24/32 bit resolutions, and sample rates up to 384kHz and beyond), but why would you want to actually change what the artist recorded for you to enjoy? Just my 2¢ G
  6. Sorry, to clarify I meant a selection to allow users to manually enter their own specific colour code. I noticed you have added a few colours within the list, which is very much appreciated. But if this can be changed to one or even a few custom slots, it would eliminate the need to have all of these "extra" options while still providing the ability to customize the palette. I have no idea if this is feasible, or just too difficult to implement. But if it is possible, it would open up a whole bunch of new combinations, especially with the recently added gradient options. G
  7. @flyingdutchman Is it possible to have a selection in the colour list to add a user-defined hex code? A colour picker may be tougher to integrate, but what if the colour code is known?
  8. Same issue for me with LG G8 at Android Pie stock. I use a USB DAC with power connected in my car. Volume always drops to 67% every time unplug it in, I have turn it back to 100% manually. Frustrating Android "feature" I guess. G
  9. I am using build 845 as of today, and had a very difficult volume problem to deal with. As usual, when I plug in my USB DAC that provides direct audio input to my car radio, the high volume indicator warning appeared, and lowered it to around 67%. However the actual volume was much lower, closer to what would be about the 10% level. And no matter how high I set it afterwards with the volume buttons or the volume control in the audio settings, the actual volume wouldn't increase at all, even though the volume dial indicated as much as 100%. I tried resetting all of my audio settings, I disabled/enabled DVC, I even tried turning off the volume panel and resetting the levels setting as well. The speaker and headphone outputs seemed fine, it was just the USB audio. I went so far as to save my settings and uninstall PA, then download and reinstall 845 with the same results.😡 After all this, I ended up trying the stock audio player. The volume was also very low, but when I used the volume button to increase it, there was another new warning message that appeared asking if I wanted to "Raise" the volume. When I clicked yes, the volume then increased as normal and expected in the stock app. Going back to Poweramp, the volume now worked again after increasing it with both the volume knob and volume buttons. I imported my saved settings, and all was working as expected. So the issue was not specific to Poweramp, but rather with the really annoying Android Pie handling of volume. I believe this was related to the warning after many hours of high level playback (20 hours?). But I have been using Poweramp for a very long time, typically 3-4 hours per day at least. This is the first time I have seen this particular warning. More frustrating though was the fact that the actual warning did not pop up while in Poweramp, the app that was live when the volume limit kicked in. @maxmp I don't know if there is anything that you are able to do with PA that can avoid this in the future. But if the "locked" volume setting that is planned can help, that would be much appreciated. This was a solid hour I spent trying to resolve the issue. And thanks Google. I'm a big boy, I think I can handle deciding on what volume levels I want to set without your intervention. Your efforts to constantly reduce the volume of my audio player are not appreciated. G
  10. @flyingdutchman I have the seekbar set to gradient with an opaque colour, just to have some fill behind the bar. It matches my car interior lighting nicely. With your last update, the icon colour selection is also restored. So thanks for that. But if this gradient could include the album art, THAT would blow my mind🤯! Otherwise with the gradient applied album art is already ignored.
  11. Toronto early morning traffic, rocking out with PA skinned with Yaps! 80's rock rulz!🤟 @flyingdutchman
  12. V39 has fixed those pesky issues. The addition of the very small corners for the main UI is much appreciated, looks great! And the icon colour selector is working again too. Thanks for the update!
  13. AA display and control on OEM car headunits is a function of Android. This is not able to be changed by any app, only the content itself that is fed and maintained by Poweramp.
  14. @maxmp I noticed in the skin selection list that if you select a new skin from current, then change again before exiting the list, the actual skin that displays on the UI is the first one picked. And multiple radio buttons highlight rather than changing. This is since 842 and still on 844. GB
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