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  1. If a playlist(M3U) is in different folder you must import them from Poweramp menu in order playlist to show. After you have imported playlist. They appear as imported playlists. I think putting in same folder is the easiest and effective.
  2. I am with you guys and totally agree on this. I am a new user of Poweramp and was blown away with features it has. I have been using player Pro for my music for past 4 months. It's good decent player. But I think after trying Poweramp I would say it is more refined player than PlayerPro at least to me. Here is why I can say that. I don't know if anyone have felt this but Poweramp equalizer is more effective than PlayerPro. I still use both though. my Fav Poweramp now. Well back to the point. After using PlayerPro amost 4 months I started looking for some change. The reason for change was exact
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