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  1. Hello @maxmp, why on redmi airdots the option for next song using the assistant command "long press" doesn't works? (on redmi airdots is double tap for call assistant) Is possible use this double tap for next song on Poweramp?
  2. Where can i find that? I never see a milkdrop like that
  3. Please max, can you input visualizations like this app? https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.daaw.avee.lite We love visualizations with this style
  4. Thanks you Max. I love this app
  5. Yeah.. it is very sensitive, sensitivity adjustments would be nice. That's true
  6. Hello @maxmp Please make the scrolling in playlists/queue more slow . For example: You created a playlist with 50 musics and want move the first one to 32° , the scrolling is too fast, you do not have precision ...
  7. It would be nice if in the alternative Layout only show "music name - artist" in one line . Maybe centralized...
  8. What I meant was to add an option for select How the app search lyrics, like v2 (asking if search in tags or musixmatch...) The edit lyrics function would be good too
  9. Hello, if possible please add an option to select for search for lyrics directly from Google , skipping tags search. Thanks!
  10. Hello, please add an option for select to search lyrics directly on Google . Skipping tags search Thank You !
  11. Hello @maxmp, the "auto resume the music when a headphone is plugged" is not working on Moto G5 cedric requests: You can put a option for select to directly search the lyrics in Google without search on tags first ? Thanks 😁
  12. I updated the uni version through the play store , is it bad?
  13. Hey @maxmp thats a copy of Poweramp v3 build 790 ? ?? https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=io.stellio.player
  14. Thank you Using "sarc d" for now... but still wanting a preset like my other post
  15. Please add a visualizer like AudioVision Music Player or like this Thank you!!!!
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