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  1. Nope, i had licence error without doing any of the above. Mmm, unless changing SIM triggers that ?
  2. Something bugs me. I used Poweramp for a long while before this issue arouse.So it look like some change was made. Hey, even the majors understood that selling mp3 with no drm was more profitable to them. I only began to buy mp3 then they had no DRM. Before, i got the CD and made mp3 from it. Potection anoys user, they cots in development time, in support time when they go crazy... Well, 2% failure is too much, sorry. And it's not really failing, it's just overzealous. I need app I can rely on. I gladly paid Poweramp, used it happily for a while, but if this issue isn't fixed, guess i'll ha
  3. Solution is simple, trust your users DRM never stoped piracy. They just annoy the paid customer. One day, Handcent desided to to autorize my acount, saying it was authorized on an other device. Contacted support, they fixed it. But by that time, i went looking for other app to do what i wanted and ditched handcent.. Same here, i went looking for an other mp3 player...
  4. Yep, that came to my mind. And our holiday home where the data network is just horible.
  5. I use my phone without Data or wi-fi most of time (activated when needed). Every now and then , power amp pops up a message saying it can"t validate licence... Forcing me to switch data on, and start the unlocker. It's seriously hitting my nerve. I'm also wondering what will i do if i'm in a place without a data connexion. It's a rare occurrence, but it DO happen...
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