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  1. Hello guys! There's a bug in the settings, i've already cleared cache and app data, but continues the bug. Another thing too, whenever I log in to the forum informs that my password is incorrect, but I always put the correct one. Because of this every time I have to reset the password and always put the same.
  2. I understood! Many thanks for the reply! Float32 is ok! But 192 KHz doesn't seem like my device doesn't support it yet
  3. Is this AA output compatible with OnePlus phones? And another question, is the high resolution output compatible with OnePlus phones? I have Oneplus 7T PRO snapdragon 855 plus. But I already had Redmi Note 8 Pro with MTK and on that device the sound seemed stronger, full-bodied!
  4. Boa noite! Sempre uso Poweramp, para mim é o melhor reprodutor de música do Android !!! Para ajudar, notei um erro na notificação do jogador, enquanto ouço uma música na notificação aparece outra música. Fiz um vídeo para entender melhor, espero que possa ajudar. Muito obrigado por todo o esforço dedicado ao app !!! Link de vídeo mostrando o erro! (Google Photos)
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