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  1. @maxmp Hi-Res seems worked in Mi A1 CustomROM maybe they included the Qualcomm patches as they using latest-CAF but i dont know, i faced this while using stock ROM too. but sometime this Hi-Res output doesnt work, its like not recognizing my headset being plugged and start to make an inappropriate noise, idk what its called, i need to restart my phone to fix this idk if this rom bug of pa bug, maybe you can figured it out. Im using PA Beta 709
  2. seems like Hi-Res Output didnt work well in Mi A1 8.1 Stock Oreo Beta, as its still 16-bit 48khz in output, but anyway let me to ask, what is different between in Hi-Res and a normal 44.1/48khz? as there's frequency limitation in human ear to hear, i already satisfied with current audio output. NB: i do have IEM with Hi-Res sticker
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