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  1. wow that was fast, thank Max for the support!
  2. Gotcha, didn't knew about those parameters, when I've use it to convert i just set the bitrate (quality) and that's it.. i think that's what confused me i must have done it at really low.. either way Thanks! I will play around with that and see what can be done with my library.
  3. For that sample file i did not encode anything just downloaded a sample file. I believe some of my library was converted using Aimp converter. Not sure what do you mean with command line :s
  4. There we have a sample file, tag added with mp3tag sample.aac
  5. Appreciate the help, but technically that would be distributing copyrighted stuff.. let me see if i can gather some other example files.. which i dont have right now... Either way i think will be easier for me just to reconvert my library to m4a or something else
  6. Well i was converting the file not just changing the extension. I did a few tests and it changed the size, by no means i am an expert here but i believe has something to do with the audio compression.
  7. Well yeah i tried a few and increased the size about that.. i think i will be bulk doing m4a as aac it's a pain..
  8. Yes i did and it worked, but 1 it increases the size which was the idea of aac in the first place same file almost 40% less, and second i have a lot of files to do so, which will be a pain to do, i've been using PA mostly due this, was the only one reading properly my library.. i mean, i can live with this but if it was working fine..
  9. Same file i've just installed v2. I thought aswell may be something within android, But tag managment changed in v3, v2 still allows me to edit and recognize artists v3 does not even reads
  10. I'm actually facing the same scenario, i been using Poweramp a few years already, most of my library still aac due space reasons, on v2 no problem whatsoever but v3 not even allowing me to edit. I've tested to change tags on pc and still not being able to have them read on v3.. cleared data a few times just in case. Nothing seems to work.
  11. Same here, after las update through play store, it went trough some songs as it the file was removed and throw verification error Edit- solved *gasp* downloaded version uni from there restore purchase.. almost die from a heart attack
  12. yes there are things/requests that needs to be ignored to prioritize other important things, don't get me wrong i spend a lot as well getting the covers in order but.. call it annoying? i mean annoying is to purchase the app and not being able to use it due force close or not having hi-res to work, shuffle, or whatever thing is failling, lack of functionality is annoying, not having a box above the cover. but it's my opinion.
  13. as for now a couple of things to notice from my experience, been using it for a couple of days. - Shuffle seems odd, but after a while seems to start shuffle somwhow. - in comparison with other players (as example BlackPlayer) drains battery a lot quicker, dont have screnshot but 6hs playing both Poweramp hit 25% of whole battery while 5hs BP 7-8% something like that. - Ui looks great to me, but i will love to see the option to 1.not have the Artist picture round, doesnt seems to match the other pics display. 2.extra small display on lists would be nice as well. so far, great Player as always thanks @maxmp forgot to add - BT headphones doesn't seem to respond to play/next/pause thing - Hi Res works like a charm ( Redmi note 3 pro Oreo)
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