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  1. RG doesn't seem to work well for my library. I've tweaked it many times, but ended up just turning it off due to quality issues and ineffectiveness. I have alot of files ripped from CD and an ever-growing library of MP3 from Amazon. There is usually a big difference in volume of ripped tracks vs Amazon tracks. I was hoping the AGC might be more user friendly. If it uses the SAME MECHANISM as RG, then oh well. I have been setting the EQ pre-amp as needed and assigning it to albums that need volume correction most. That works, but is cumbersome and alot of work and is subject to loss since th
  2. I asked for this before, but no love. +1
  3. I'm not suggesting there is no workaround, only that it is not optimal. Yes, that works, but it is cumbersome to have to do that. I end up playing them with stock player instead so I don't have to keep re-adding/removing specialty songs in a folder from PA library. But I'd rather use PA all the time - much better sound/features.
  4. How about a Recently Added --> Albums --> Songs, please.
  5. I am aware of the limitations of bluetooth (wish they'd come up with something better; new version), but I would like a rate playback speed tweak that might also be useful for other applications.
  6. The icon in the notification bar adds two triangles in addition to the bluetooth "B" icon when connected to a device, although there is no guarantee it is an audio device.
  7. It would be great if you could add a setting that enables the playback rate to be increased or decreased when using a blutooth connection. When my audio plays through my bluetooth headsets things seem a little "chipmunk-like." If it could be adjusted, that would be ideal. Thanks. HTC EVO LTE Stock 4.0.4. + Sony DR-BT22 (a little) or Insignia NS-BTHDP (more noticeable).
  8. It is too time consuming to build a playlist containing all songs except the 10-20 albums (out of about 450) I want skipped (especially since you'd have to add new music to the playlist every time you buy new music). Also, right now, on my phone PA cannot keep a playlist from going missing unless it is exported (another cumbersome step). This is a well-documented bug. I like to shuffle just about my entire library, except for the aforementioned 10-20 albums full of specialty music. Seems like a simple concept.
  9. You can scale the size of art to minimize that effect if you don't like it. I do like it, but to each his own. +1 for a switch.
  10. Is it possible to implement a feature by which the user could designate an album or song to NOT be included in the shuffle-all mode? I have a few polkas, holiday music, instrumentals that I don't want to hear regularly and they keep popping up when shuffling all (I know, I can skip it, but that is inconvenient when driving or cutting grass). Also, in that same vein, it would be nice to be able to remove a song from the PA library WITHOUT deleting it from the SD card. Please share your thoughts.
  11. Of course you'd have to be able to turn the feature on and off as the situation dictates. I have some classical music and instrumental soundtracks that may sound wrong, but normally skip those in a random shuffle anyway. When I'm in the mood for instrumentals, I use a playlist. As a matter of fact, that reminds me about a feature request I've made but never heard one-way-or-the-other about. Is is possible to implement a feature by which the user could designate an album or song to NOT be included in the shuffle-all mode. I have a few polkas, holiday music, instrumentals that I rarely want
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