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  1. Now on 889 volume changes but there is no knobs which turns and no volume information. Now I am running november patch on Note9
  2. I have also interesting bug when I try to adjust volume it jumps to 66% (I have 0-100 levels enabled) and it stays there and doesn't move (up, down nothing) I am using Galaxy Note 9 lastest update on OneUI 2.5 and last build 888
  3. I know better one which worked for me it's called NavBar apps (it's free, and there is even navbar coloring feature so you can match your navbar color with app color). I was using it until Samsung let hide navbar totaly (gestures feature now in OneUI) and it worked totaly fine hope this hepls you
  4. I a little bit off now what you mean? Just send me or here link to Max post with that subject (as you sad before on my post). Thanks
  5. Yes Note 8 is from Samsung (but funny thing is build 820 worked for me even on Pie ). Which post Andre please?
  6. No I mean widget which you can put on your "desktop" in you phone, you press play and nothing happens.
  7. Hi, so problem with higher sample rate still presists even after reseting to defaults (as Max suggested in build 822), but I maybe found solution for that, if I disable DVC (or actrualy enable - Disable DVC then everthing works as it should (or at least it looks like that) so maybe there is bug with DVC, if not then I don´t have any other idea why it´s not working as before, I am running Android Pie (on my Note 8), and another thing miniplayer widget is bugged too (it keeps falling down). Thanks lot :)
  8. Hi, after updating to last version 822 hi-res outlut stoped working if I set sample rate to more then my music file has (bacause almost everyone is in 48khz or 44,1khz), before it worked totaly fine :). I am using Galaxy note 8 on Pie, even tho still awesome job Max, best player I've Ever used, thanks lot :)
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