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  1. Just want congratulate @maxmp on the beta release of Poweramp 3.0! I have been lurking around this forum for a number of years but not officially joined until today. Poweramp has been my main music player for many years now. I have tried many other music players but nothing has come close for me to offering the ease of use, sound quality and organisation of Poweramp. As someone who has worked in development for well over a decade on apps, websites & computer games. I know firsthand how difficult it is to get a product out the door. Development is a continuous iterative process that does not end once a product is released to the general public. Nor can you catch every bug especially on a fragmented platform such as android which contains millions of devices. The alpha release of Poweramp was very impressive for app built by one developer. I have worked with teams of developers who have never produced an alpha release that is that solid or comprehensive. Also want to send a special thank you to @andrewilley. I read the number of negative posts in this forum around the release of the software. Just want to say that you have done a great job of maintaining balance on this forum especially when some don't choose to either read the sticky at the top of the forum or the changelog. Just to mention that I am using the beta on my LG V30 and the HD Output is working perfectly well! Thank you all for the beta release and I look forward to the full release in June.
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