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  1. so i noticed something redundant: if I have rating style enabled (thumbs up/down), it'll show up both in the player UI and in the track menu (when you pressed the the 3 dots and there's menu like delete, lyrics, info/tags, etc.)

    But, if I disabled the rating in player UI, it also disappears in track menu.

    So, I request that the rating stays on the track menu, but hidden in player UI. Making for a cleaner & simpler look.

  2. I mean like moving the title to the center, or removing the album name, hide bottom navbar on Now Playing UI, hide sleep timer and visualization button, hide album thumbnails in track list, etc. etc. 

    Just wanna ask if hiding these elements are possible, maybe future skins will be more sophisticated. I really like the skins made by Ikorolkov on Poweramp V2 (some of the elements can be hidden too, in V2, but it's the app feature, not skin settings), wish to see the same thing on V3 since it seems to be more versatile. I'm willing to pay for a great skin.

  3. oh, I also have this issue.

    only played in All Songs section on shuffle. The miniplayer shows a different song title & artist than what's actually playing, even when I change songs, the miniplayer also change but it's not the song that's playing... it kinda fix itself after a while though, when I go to different apps and go back, it already fixed. Have no idea what I did to fix it.

    I'm using Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite running Android 9.0 if that matters


  4. 1. Scrolling text. Just like in the old V2, sometimes the title or artist - album is too long or get obstructed by other buttons on the Player UI, instead of putting 3 dots (...) why not just make the text scrolls / crawl / walk / slide ? I think V2 has this feature

    2. Just a personal wish, please, Please, PLEASE, put a text only mode in track list view, no album thumbnails.

    Thank you for the hard work, and happy new year.

  5. On 12/3/2018 at 12:39 PM, Bernardo said:

    The app is doing amazing! I just have two requests that I will be so happy that you could add.
    First, I think it would be great if you could "fill up" the navigation bar and the visualization button (as in the Poweramp's default skin).
    And second, could you please make the scroll bar transparent? (Also as in the Poweramp's default skin).

    I know these are minor details but it would be great if you could implement them.





    Can I see your settings to get that first layout?

  6. On 11/10/2018 at 7:31 AM, AllCoreListener said:

    No, now the only way to shuffle all albums of an artist is making a playlist and it is like 10 steps to do, and I have over 400 artists. This is stupid when alpha before beta and beta release candidate, used to be 3 steps. Used to be Library>Artist>The Artist>Shuffle and work. Now, it is without queue, Library>Artist>The Artist>Long Press Album>All>Playlist>Create Playlist>back to Library>Playlist>the Playlist>shuffle. That would take forever for 400+ artists. Yes, it is a Monkey Butt way to do it now.

    Actually, Monkey Butt is easier to deal with than shuffling all albums of an artist now.

    Guess, I am just not going to do it anymore.

    What I mean is the queue is now ignore shuffle is when I create a queue (long press a track > queue, another track > queue), the song is now play the queued songs in order and ignore the shuffle option. I don't see anything that requires involving queue in your 'rant', you want to shuffle the tracks inside shuffled album inside an artist, quite different on what I have in mind.

    If I want to play an artist's songs, I just go to artist > the artist > shuffle, and put repeat to "Advance List"... it works for me.

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