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  1. minor issue report: whenever i tap the screen to stop it from scrolling, the song that i tapped immediately played instead of just stop the scroll. Note that i tapped on the white space, not the song title. to reproduce: 1. in the tracks list, slide finger up to make the screen scroll down a few lines at once. 2. to stop the scroll, i tap the white space on screen. but it doesn't just stop the scroll, it also played the nearest song. I have to tap & hold to avoid this. ----- minor suggestion: the UI is superb on everything, i just want to propose options to customize the look of track list. The options to disable album art thumbnail and not displaying album name would be great. As it is now, it looks like it take too much space.
  2. it's a pleasant surprise, the design is... peculiar, I give it that, but it works and the animation is butter smooth, really like it. There are 2 gripes for me though, hoping to see in the next beta or at least in the stable version: 1. dark theme (this probably WILL happen though), and 2. option to customize track list display (like showing/not showing album thumbnail, artist - album, or just artist, etc.)
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