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  1. I think those are made in After Effects. I've been looking for those visualization style as well but no avail.
  2. got it, it's DVC... gotta turn it off. is it hardware-side problem? I got Redmi Note 8 Pro
  3. isn't volume levels just change audio volume? I'm changing the volume with volume buttons. where's that setting?
  4. Whenever i turn the volume down, it's not lowering "smoothly" but with steps and noticeable "stutter" (audio still there). I think I tweaked this before, but I forgot which setting is it after reinstall lol. It happens on all output devices (speaker, wired headphones, and bluetooth wireless headphone--mine is Redmi Airdots).
  5. The dev seem to abandoned the skin, and last updated in 2019 (the forum profile is also last online in 2019), and apparently there are some bugs in that skin that can crash Poweramp. Is there anything similar to this skin? free or paid doesn't matter. I feel like V3 has less skins than V2 even though it's more versatile.
  6. I like a super simple look, and if this is doable, it'll be amazing. Image is edited by me to show what I'm looking for. Skin is Aurora for Poweramp v3 also, requesting light mode friendly visualizatons (inverted color?). Current default visualizations has black background and white lines, requesting the opposite (white background and black lines) that'll be more friendly to light skin
  7. does it still not work if you set ringtone to silent ?
  8. I mean combine simple seekbar with the rectangle play/pause+time button instead of the pro buttons also maybe another feature request, maybe we can quickswipe to change tracks but slow swipe to adjust seekbar?
  9. try to tap at the desired position instead of dragging
  10. A visual bug? Also several requests if you don't mind 1. Album scale for when play/pause state. Currently it's only for when playing, so if I set a smaller album art size, it'll get bigger if I pause. 2. Ability to hide each element of vis/sleep/shuffle/repeat instead of just "all or none" option. 3. Option for all buttons to be solid instead of gradient. Though I know the gradient is your style of choice, so I won't pester for this one request. Thanks
  11. exactly that, maybe I should make a feature request for a persistent shuffle switch (all songs) ?
  12. Current situation: whenever I play a song, I always set it to "Shuffle All", but if I pick another song from other lists like Recently Added, it'll get reset to "Shuffle Songs" and I have to manually set it to "Shuffle All" again. What I'm looking for: can I pick a shuffle mode and the app will stick to it (albeit making the song queue position change), no matter which category I pick the song from? there's an option in app called "No Reshuffle" which I thought gonna do what I want, but I think I misunderstand. "No Reshuffle" only for making sure your songs queue doesn't get shuffled
  13. this is the weirdest thread in this forum I ever come across
  14. that's a hassle, you can try Automatic Tag Editor app to embed album art of your choice from the internet. Can also add lyrics and edit other metadatas.
  15. Add only Settings, Search, and Equalizer. Library menu can be accessed just by gesture, plus Changelog and Help can be moved to Settings page instead, so we can get an even cleaner overall UI with little elements.
  16. You can use apps like Automatic Tag Editor or Autotagger to embed lyrics. Been using the first one since I found PA doesn't have the feature and it works well enough. If you got your music from PC first, then you can embed the lyrics right then and there, just use mp3tag. open the file with mp3tag > select the file > press ALT+T > Add Field (the top left button, paper with star) > Find: UNSYNCEDLYRICS > Paste lyrics on the Value box > Ok these are the two methods I use to embed lyrics in my songs.
  17. I'm also having this problem, I tap save, pick author - name, save. The app says it's saved, but the file is nowhere to be found... but I also don't know where it's saved, checked on Android/Data for the app's file folder and maxmp for Poweramp file folder, nothing. Storage permission has been granted, Android 10, Redmi Note 8 Pro.
  18. I think I've done it before, but forgot how to replicate it. Maybe one of the visualizer apps has bottom visualization. Bottom visualization like the one in the attached image. Also completely unrelated, how feasible it is to make similar circle seekbar outside of play/pause button?
  19. Honestly, I don't know why you would want Poweramp on PC as there's already robust softwares on music player / management with lots of features and customizations that I think even Poweramp doesn't have. Similar to many apps on android will probably never have its PC port because there are already softwares for those same functions with more sophisticated features. If you want some PC music software recommendations: - The legendary Winamp : https://getwacup.com/ <- Winamp v5.666 with community bug fixes. - AIMP : https://www.aimp.ru/ <- solid winamp replacement, switched
  20. Just discovered these guys, been digging this one and 'Mr. FEAR'
  21. yes, default light & dark skin with more options like the other skins available (for example: enabling simple seekbar without pro buttons, hide one or more shuffle/repeat/visual/sleep buttons, put the rating in track menu, etc.)
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