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  1. Man, if you're this frustrated by Poweramp, I suggest you try Neutron lmao, that app is crazy, has more audio-tweaking features and more powerful than Poweramp but the UI is a hell hole.

    There are also plenty of simple-looking music player out there if you're not fond of Poweramp's UI, like BlackPlayer, which is the most minimalistic and simple music player (in terms of UI) I've ever use.




  2. 4 minutes ago, Lorendil said:

    Thanks! I checked, and I prefer normal Poweramp than Luminous Black (but it's look pretty cool). So I prefer to stay like this. :)

    What is $yaps$? 




    a skin similar to Luminous Black (similar as in they're both Poweramp v3 skin apps, they provide pretty different design styles) with a lot more features to enable or disable UI elements...

    I'd say it takes a bit of experimenting to get the layout that you want

  3. On 1/17/2020 at 3:17 AM, MooseElkson said:

    OK, good job, BUT

    Is it currently possible to avoid matching too bright art color in Aurora's AA Blur layout? Because with monochromatic album covers it looks like this:




    And yes, I want to stick with white text/decals. Update with narrow color pallete maybe?

    tweak around the background settings, maybe lower the background intensity and backgroun saturation

  4. Device: Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite

    Android: 9 Pie (Android One)

    Navigation bar (squares, search, equalizer, burger icon) sometimes jumped up near the buttons. Fixed by sliding a few times or just exit and re-enter the app. Only apparent with the latest update, as far as I can tell.

    Also it sometimes flickering around, but I reckon it's because I'm using FNG (Fluid Navigation Gesture) app that hides the system 3-buttons navigation. Thought it's an issue with 3rd party skin, but default skin also sometimes flicker but not as often as when I'm using a 3rd party skin.

    The jumping navbar bug just shows up in these last updates, and I've been using FNG long before then, so I think the issue with FNG is only with the flickering.

  5. On 1/12/2020 at 1:07 PM, Mixified said:

    @monkeybutt I have found the problem and managed to solve it. It comes from Hide Ratings, I realized that option not work properly with the default layout and causing Poweramp freeze and track title disappear. You can try this latest release and let me know if there are no more problems

    yep, it's fixed. I just tried with the settings combination that usually give the hang and it doesn't do that anymore.

    figured it's something to do with default layout option in the skin, since it's the one that always make Poweramp hang. Glad you fixed it, thanks.

  6. 36 minutes ago, Mixified said:

    I'm sorry guys for the delay of my reply.

    To be honest, I'm preparing for my wedding to be held on December 29th 😄, so I am very busy at the moment. And I want to let you know if in January or February (I'm not sure) there will be a new skin to be released. The skin is very different from the previous. Actually I also have the desire to merge Aurora, Luminous and Luminous Black into one skin, because at the beginning of development, I have not been able to combine white and black skin. But i'm still not sure to do it

    Anyway, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year guys!

    I'm preparing for my wedding to be held on December 29th


    don't worry about the skin too much, focus on your wedding man! make it a good moment.


    the bugged settings isn't the one I like to use anyway, I just like experimenting with the settings. I'll email you when I try it again some time.

    Again, congrats on the wedding!

  7. I find some combination of settings in this skin make my Poweramp hang, no button is responsive, fortunately it only lasts a few seconds to a minute, then I can open the skin menu again.

    I've been experimenting with the settings, mainly use Luminous skin.

    I'm unsure what causes it, but the hang happened mostly after I set the player UI style to default or any of the [AA Blur] settings (instead of my usual Center Text no background).

  8. On 12/12/2019 at 11:04 PM, maxmp said:

    Thanks for the request. Poweramp database already has some stats like this, all we need is an appropriate UI. Added to the TODO list.

    woo hoo!! can't wait to see my stats of 3 songs repeated hundreds of times lol

  9. I have a couple of songs with tags that contain several artists and it looks like this:

    Singer 1; Singer 2

    in the ID3 tag

    how does PA handle this? does it only shows Singer 1 as the leading one? or it'll treat Singer 1 and Singer 1; Singer 2 as different artists? because it'll be mixed with singular artists and the ones s/he do featuring with.

    I want to make so the tag shows Singer 1 - Title (feat. Singer 2) instead, but there are too many files for me to bother with this nitpick...

  10. I've been wanting this simple tracklist look reminiscence of Poweramp V2, requested it in feature request but max said that in the app the elements just move into different places, there's no removal of any elements (like when you press on a track, the elements of album arts, title, artist, etc. just move from track list into the Now Playing), so if you remove the album art in track list, it'll gone in Now Playing too.


    So, instead of removing it altogether, how about move the elements to the far left to achieve this look? can a skin do this?


  11. My fullscreen visualization looks like this:

    is this what you're looking for?

    I'm using Fluid NG app and it hides my navbar on all places (require root or adb), it's been pretty long since I last use my native navbar so I kind of forget how it looks like with the navbar still on. I'll try to disable it and get back to you later, it's pretty late here.


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