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  1. I've been wanting this simple tracklist look reminiscence of Poweramp V2, requested it in feature request but max said that in the app the elements just move into different places, there's no removal of any elements (like when you press on a track, the elements of album arts, title, artist, etc. just move from track list into the Now Playing), so if you remove the album art in track list, it'll gone in Now Playing too.


    So, instead of removing it altogether, how about move the elements to the far left to achieve this look? can a skin do this?


  2. My fullscreen visualization looks like this:

    is this what you're looking for?

    I'm using Fluid NG app and it hides my navbar on all places (require root or adb), it's been pretty long since I last use my native navbar so I kind of forget how it looks like with the navbar still on. I'll try to disable it and get back to you later, it's pretty late here.


  3. 5 hours ago, Mixified said:

    Sorry for the late reply

    Yes, I believe I can. but that can't be an option, I have to change the whole layout on my skin. I will try in the next update

    I mean I'm happy my suggestion get heard, but maybe you should just release a new skin (perhaps Luminous Ultimate with a lot more customization options, like removing the shuffle/repeat/visualization/sleep buttons, etc.) with those modified elements since it'll be permanent... there will be people who are unhappy with that changes since it's just a personal taste and I'm not a professional designer.

    Still, thank you for your hard work.


  4. Can I request an option to hide rating on the skin? Poweramp has 2 places it put rating buttons: the player UI and the track menu (long press track in player UI). If I can enable rating option in Poweramp setting but hide in skin menu, the buttons won't show up in player UI but still there in track menu, making the player UI a bit cleaner.

    Ducktamine's simple skin already does this, but it'll be great if yours can do it too, I like to jump between skins just to change the nuance every now and then.

  5. 21 hours ago, Andy_Lee said:

    Thank you very much for your beautiful design. This is my favorite skin so far.
    In my opinion, there can be a small change to make this skin better.

    I hope to add the option of" alternative layout" (similar to Poweramp's own skin), to put the song name, artist name, and album name below the album. Such as in the small "display" of the playback interface, or just put them below the album cover. And keep them in the middle.
    If this makes it more difficult to identify them, you can reduce the height of the lower play button slightly or reduce the size of the cover.
    Besides, you can add an opinion to hide the Track menu button. 

    In this way, we can enjoy the full album cover. 
    Thanks a lot!


    +1 to this idea as well, if it's possible

  6. On 7/2/2019 at 1:31 AM, Ducktamine said:

    It is possible, but in that situation some non experienced users could be confused if accidentally turn that option on.

    ah yeah, just realized that there's no other access to options aside from that hamburger menu

    can I request a few things for the skin? please add black & white accent colors and blur/adaptive background

    also, my seekbar doesn't follow accent color, it's grey no matter which color i pick

  7. I kind of doubt it, since it's most probably a system function, not Poweramp. Not a dev though, so it might be possible, but I've never see any app that can show up depending on unlock method.


    When you unlock your device, regardless of the method, it will always display the last screen you've used (at least in my case, using Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite). So if I lock when I'm in Poweramp, I'll get back to Poweramp when unlocked.

  8. 2 hours ago, maxmp said:

    You may have noticed those labels are the same as in lists. Main player UI is a list too, just with vertically scrollable items.
    (Actually there is only one list, it is just capable to switch layouts on the fly - e.g. when you drag-move track from main screen to list.)
    The track entry in the main UI is the list track entry and labels are the same (just positioned / scaled / etc. differently).

    So this option will affect all lists, main UI included. 

    "So this option will affect all lists, main UI included. "

    I'm honestly okay with this.

  9. The three lines menu where settings, changelog, and help are placed.

    I think visualization and sleep timer aren't as "high priority" as repeat, shuffle, and rating (this is very subjective though, and since there's no real shortcut for 'favoriting' a song, I use thumbs up for it).

    So, I would want to request the two buttons moved into the three lines menu, or at least an option to do so.

    With the extra room, the rating button can move to where the two buttons (visualization & sleep timer) used to be, thus it won't obstruct the song info (esp. artist - album) anymore.

  10. Saw a lot of great skins around here, but the built-in light & dark skins are underrated imho.

    They look pretty good aside from the lack of customizations like other skins posted here. Can I request a skin that looks just like the default ones but with extra options like hiding some buttons and using seekbar with minimal button (the default forces you to use Pro Buttons if you want seekbar).

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