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  1. Mate 10 pro ,beta tester here , Chromecast connect ,but then on TV screen says ( firmware too old need to update ) then auto disconnect it self . Thanks .
  2. The whole arguments started once etas were given and were missed on each occasion without the update bein released , hopefully this April 2018 ETA will be the one !
  3. To be honest over the last two years there hasn't been any proof that Max is working on anything ,all we have his words and postponed release date one after another ,by now he should know he can't do it himself if he's doing anything ..Max you didn't create coding ,you have the resources ,get some dissent coders ..
  4. Max grown a beard and disappeared into the mountains without his thick coding glasses lol .
  5. I think it's a big brilliant best audio player .it's a shame Max is not investing and keeps the app development to himself , with 50 million downloads ,and over a million unlocker download on Google Play alone ,you'd think he can afford decent developers and coders to move things along .
  6. Stop giving etas saying end of this month beginning of the other ...it has-been done for the last 18 months ...from the time that v3 took... it looks that Max can't do it on his own ...we should be on v5 by now with audiocast and video playback ..but no real update has been done since years ...honestly I heard about v3 two years ago ....it has been set to be released every month ...but hasn't been.
  7. hi ! i thought there is a Very heavy bass on this alpha build ...its amazing if you are listening to say stuff like Dr Dre Compton album for example,the bass is very clean and bassy if that make sense .....but rock stuff come across as very muffed bass , even with lowering the bass nub a bit , on the normal Poweramp version , bass accommodate all styles . at least for me . i kept rolling back and forth between alpha and normal Poweramp ,trying to compare , but the song poles apart by pink Floyd setteld it for me i went back to normal Poweramp , now my setting are eq on treble with bass up
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