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  1. Since build 535 there will be two versions of Poweramp - "uni (versal - universal)" and "Play". This is due to the fact that Google Play allows payment only through Play billing. The edition of "Play" is limited and will be distributed only through Google Play, "uni" contains everything and is accessible through the official site / forum. Functionally, these versions are no different. Also there is a version of "intel" - only for devices on Intel processors.
  2. I hope in the next update to Android, something similar will add.
  3. All that I could have collected. HUAWEI P9 https://yadi.sk/d/Sj19WcYJ3W4SJe 216871 216870
  4. In beta-preview-build-790 hi-res are present, only it is specified as OpenSL HD Output, I understand this one and also the android in my seventh. Can I wait for a full beta version and do not study with alpha?
  5. This is good news and keep it up.? Max would like to know or clarify the situation with the phone Huawei P9. Specifically, this smartphone with Kirin processor is equipped with a sound chip of its own production Huawei, which is capable of playing music in the Hi-Res Audio standard 24 bit 192 kHz. And in Huawei P9 is installed just such a chip. However, from version to version, setup and playback Hi-Res is only through USB. There is no speaker, no wired headset. What is wrong with this device? ?
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