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  1. Thanks, Max, for the update. You've put some good work into this update, including a lot of detauls. Looks great and works well. I never left 790, so this is a pleasant surprise. On my OnePlus 5 there is a new setting Hi-Res Output. Works perfect and has removed the occasional clicks ithat were in 790 with the OpenSL ES HD ouput. I've noted some of the bugs mentioned already by others. Would still like to remove the text from the cover art on the player page. After using for a few hours I'll have more suggestions.
  2. I agree that there should be a way to merge the track name with the meta. Perhaps show track normally and then allow clicking to display additional album, meta and ouput info. Then have a 3-second timer to return the display to the track name. The font would need to be larger and possibly put on 2 lines.
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