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  1. Thanks, Max, for the update. You've put some good work into this update, including a lot of detauls. Looks great and works well. I never left 790, so this is a pleasant surprise. On my OnePlus 5 there is a new setting Hi-Res Output. Works perfect and has removed the occasional clicks ithat were in 790 with the OpenSL ES HD ouput. I've noted some of the bugs mentioned already by others. Would still like to remove the text from the cover art on the player page. After using for a few hours I'll have more suggestions.
  2. Hadn't seen Stellio before so gave it a try. Interface is nice. However sound quality is much better on my Oneplus 5 in PA even after adjusting eq.
  3. Minor issue, and maybe I'm missing something. Is it possible to play a whole album from the album list? In previous version a long press of album and then play choices would appear. Currently I click the album and then the first song.
  4. I do like how you've done the track name and album. The album info could be designed to click through meta data and output data. Any icons on album art should be semi-transparent. Personally I think your play buttons are too big. Nice ideas.
  5. I agree that there should be a way to merge the track name with the meta. Perhaps show track normally and then allow clicking to display additional album, meta and ouput info. Then have a 3-second timer to return the display to the track name. The font would need to be larger and possibly put on 2 lines.
  6. The wavebar looks nice, but needs to be practical. I've spent some time watching it while listening and I still don't know what I'm seeing. I suggest this functionality: Tapping once on wave bar toggles between a) the current magnified wave bar and scrolling method and a fixed whole track wavebar with a location bar which can be dragged. Long distance seeks can then be done anywhere in the track and fine tuning with the magnified bar.
  7. Totally agree about gestures. Modern phone UI is built around gestures. And I'm someone who hung onto the DOS command line and Nokia's Symbian to the end. Gestures are intuitive (once learned it is obvious), quicker (many can be done without looking at screen) and more accurate (no need to find and press a particular button). Poweramp should use logical gestures for the most common user input.
  8. That solved the clipping on my OnePlus 5. Another try is to increase buffer size. That helped a little before I disabled Float32. I don't know how to raise thread priority on Android.
  9. I'm on OnePlus 5 with 8.1. Clicking the song name in your pic takes me back to player view. Song does not restart, but continues to play. Pause and play toggle at end of name works as expected.
  10. I like the new UI, very smooth. But not impressed with the song text and box, not to mention that it covers too much of the art.
  11. My OnePlus 5 with Oreo 8.1 was clipping occasionally and disabling Float32 solved it. Alternatively, leave that on and increase buffer to Large, although that doesn't eliminate it totally.
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