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  1. Sorry, will be unable to do so (even though I had the bug also on build 709) Upgrading from build 588 using Build 709 uni.apk restored bluetooth controls... I don't understand... Can anyone confirm it's working for them also ?
  2. MEDIA SESSION SERVICE (dumpsys media_session) 4 sessions listeners. Global priority session is com.android.server.telecom/HeadsetMediaButton (userId=0) HeadsetMediaButton com.android.server.telecom/HeadsetMediaButton (userId=0) ownerPid=3723, ownerUid=1000, userId=0 package=com.android.server.telecom launchIntent=null mediaButtonReceiver=null active=false flags=65537 rating type=0 controllers: 0 state=null audioAttrs=AudioAttributes: usage=2 content=1 flags=0x0 tags= bundle=null volumeType=1, controlType=2, max=0, current=0 metadata:size=0, de
  3. Tried to downgrade to version 2.0.10 (build 588) by opting out of beta program on Play Store, works fine with this version
  4. I have the same problem, Poweramp is not responding to bluetooth controls. Works fine with another player. Tried the headset solution, not working for me. Using Alpha 709 on OnePlus 3 OxygenOS 5.0.1 (Android 8.0 based). Was working fine on Android 7.1
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