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  1. Hi @maxmp. Just thanks for the new update. I'm posting a detail in landscape view in that PA seems not to accomodate to fullscreen without the controls bar due to larger screen in my Galaxy Note8. Portrait mode is fine.
  2. Also you can try to mount it inside of sdcard Like /mnt/sdcard/SharedFolder
  3. Maybe only stock samsung app have this (I hope don't). So. if there is the case, max would have to do reverse engineering on this issue if the kernel sources make it possible. Also I have bought an SGSII now, and I have been using a MW600 from SGSI, and I would love to see this feature implemented in Poweramp.
  4. Congratulations for this great update!, and thank you for implement filenames in list instead of tags. JP
  5. I have sent that email. You know if there any way to view a system log of the jpeg decoder or any other function involved in this problem?
  6. Hi max, Is there a problem with embedded album art in mp3's?. From build-330 or so that this functionality doesn't works in my phone (previous versions works fine), in current build-365 preview the problem persist (at least for me). My phone is Samsung Galaxy S I9000, official Android 2.3.3 JVB ROM (problem is in Android 2.2.1 ROM's too). I have various mp3 with embedded album art (cover) wich works well in winamp and MediaMonkey but in Poweramp doesn't show the images (on earlier builds worked fine, as I said). Thank you max for continue improving this great app!.
  7. Hi, I have purchased the non-market version, but I can't download from this link!. Plase fix the link, maxmpz. Thank you for this great app!
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