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  1. Off-Topic: My curiosity: Have you considered the fact that you might have some hearing loss?
  2. If you need Brazilian Portuguese, I'm in.
  3. And all you do is berate people who say anything negative about the app? I think that it was just the way the kiddo said that. The developer is doing his job just like most people do and that's definetely not the way to critisize. Bet you wouldn't like your customer to talk like that to you about your work. Anyway, I guess the dev clarified the situation already.
  4. Isn't it because HTC Incredible doesn't make use of a SD card due to its great internal memory? Anyway: Try finding the Media Management app on Settings > Apps > Manage Apps menu and hit Clear Cache/Button. Android will rescan your phone seeking for new media.
  5. I'm definetely quiting the use of the buttons on this wonderful player. I'll quit it once and for all if you could implement pause function (simple click,double click or long click maybe) as a gesture. You're doing a great job! Thanks!
  6. Sweet! Thanks for the answer and keep up the awesome work!
  7. You see, Power AMP already has a beautiful interface, but sometimes it just feels like there are too many stuff on the screen. Because of the gestures, the forward and backward buttons get a little obsolete and its not like I use the equalizer all the time. We should be able to chose what to show on the player screen. If I want to see only the album art and the tags/file and duration, so be it! It would be fantastic to have the player the way we like it. Is it possible?
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