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  1. Hi @maxmp and @Andre and all of those appreciate your work. Just dropped by to say thank you. The app is quite useable already, and what's more, the features it introduces are quite extraordinary. I sincerely hope they will be present in the final stages of Poweramp's releases. And eventually making their way to production phase as well. I intended to say this since I began using this quality preview, in the beginning of the week. But I wasn't having the time to do it properly. So... Here it is! My public expression of gratitude and enticement! Cheers! You guys rock and will continue to do so!!!! Thank you!
  2. @Fstop Cheers! Very much second that! Best regards!
  3. Hi! Eagerly waiting! ;-) Meanwhile, congratulations to the developers for such an extraordinary piece of software! It's so good that even some of the more recent players that I have tried don't come near... Cheers!
  4. @clever_man hello thank you very much for your app! It truly saved my day!