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  1. Exactly. Just tried all modes. If you hit shuffle right away the songs are shuffled also changing the track numbers displayed so even reverting to shuffle off doesn't seem to get them in order again. Which is why I didn't see a difference between shuffle songs and shuffle off at first. I have my songs in this hierarchy: Genre1/Artist folders/Albums/tracks Genre2/artist folders/albums/tracks Genre folders might also contain subgenres. Something I can't do with tags. Shuffling the genre2 folder with shuffle categories shuffles albums from both Genre folders. Shuffling with shuffle songs plays albums in order from one Genre folder. I want to play songs in order from an album folder and then play a random folder from the selected top folder (eg genre2)
  2. Hi Just tried it out again in this release. If I play a folder with subfolders it doesn't make a difference if I choose shuffle off or shuffle songs. In both cases the songs are played one after the other and then the next folder is played. I would really like to have an option to play the songs one after the other and then play the next subfolder randomly. Basically album shuffle
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