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  1. Bump.. could you upload the AA widget example again? Thanks! (poweramp_api_lyrics_proto)
  2. The download for this seems to have dissapeared - could you upload/link it again? I'd like to play with adding an AA widget but have no idea how without the example!
  3. Hi there! I was just wondering (as it would be a killer feature for me, I have about 200 dj sets recorded in mp3 format) if there is any technical reason that lossless formats (flac, wv, etc) support embedded cuesheets in Poweramp, but mp3 doesn't? I can create a separate .cue file referencing an mp3 and this works, but it would be much easier to manage if I could embed them in an extended id3 tag (I use isyncr, so copying over cuesheets to match what mp3s are on the phone is a bit of a chore, and also means that my sync'd playlists reference the non-cued mp3). Here's hoping! Cheers, Steve
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